Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Once Again,

Go see Driftglass.
Because the fucking guy has a "NeverDull" scalpel when it comes to dissecting the fucking bullshit that we are exposed to Every. Mother. Fucking. Day, vivisecting the God Damn media and the Lying Sonsabitches who perpetrate the fucking propaganda that they try to feed us and keep us as a * " Mushroom Society".

Fuck them.

When that guy runs out of words to express himself, there must be a problem.

*Kept in the dark and fed Bullshit daily.


  1. Used to work for a French Chef, me and a few other key fucks would rag on him, at the mercy of losing a shift-that's how he played the game, on our wallets.

    "Hey Chef, why you treat us like mushrooms?"


    "Yeah, Chef. You feed us shit, and keep us in the dark about everything."

    His reply was usually, "Take an extra day off next week, if you want to KEEP your worthless job, couchon."

    At least he rotated who he cost a days pay. We'd coax him to the bar after closing, buy him a couple, and next thing we knew, it's fine cognac on the house for his crew, the FINEST crew he'd ever worked with. Till he sobered up, then we were shit, once again.

    Sigh, I SO don't miss that crap. lol

    Oh, Drifty. Yeah, what you said.

    Yer holding yer own, though, hoss.

    N thanks for THAT! *G*

  2. That's right. Driftglass is the MASTER wordsmith far as I am concerned! Sometimes I got no IDEA who the fuck he is talking about since I don't follow all those WaDeeSee fucks and Chicago polyticks real close, but the cat can really cut a phrase!