Friday, June 12, 2009

A Freindly Reminder To All The Crazies From The Right Wing

Don't Tread On Me.

This kind of shit really puts you in a bad light but as we have all seen, you think this is hilarious shit until one or two of yer little crazies take it as Gospel.

All of a sudden things got really quiet on your end.
What can I predict will happen next?
Damn, I'm too late, You fuckers have absolutely no accountability for anything and I for one, am done with that.
You have been accosted with the fact that you have been exhorting the crazies that you call your base, you give them money, you provide logistical support and you stand back and deny any responsibility for the actions of any one who actually takes action on any damn thing that you have been hammering on in your bought and paid for media monopoly who is stupid enough to take what you push 24/7 a day.

You dirty sonsabitches own this, lock, stock and barrel.
What really takes the cake is that you try, constantly, to label the reactions to your propaganda as being perpetrated by a "Liberal" Media.
You constantly accuse the very same media you literally own and are on every damn day as being, "Liberal, Lefty News" and you have the fucking balls to do this year after year!

What, you fucking idiots hide Easter Eggs from yourselves too?

Did I jump up and start blaming you for this abhorrent act the second I found out this 89 year old man, an admitted White Supremacist with a Rap Sheet, walked into a federal facility and opened fire after the "News" stated that he was a Right Wing hate Monger?


This is the first time I have said anything about it, I have been waiting for some facts to come out and I have to say, "Mission Accomplished", assholes.

I would remind you of my opening statement.

From what I have been observing for the last year and a half, the Right Wing is self destructing, keep that shit to yourselves and Don't, Tread On Me.


Like I said, I ain't the only one who has had enough of this.

Go see Jurassic Pork's takedown over at Brilliant At Breakfast and Sara Robinson calls 'em out over at The Group News Blog.

Put up or shut up.

I'll second the motion.


  1. Time for them to apologize to Homeland Security for stating the truth. To be aware of right wing extremist groups. But we know that won't happen.

  2. Busted,
    I in no way want to sound like a troll here but do you happen to know the origin of this sign?
    If it were created by a so called "right winger" I would sure hope it was a sick joke.
    It must also be concidered that a so called "left winger" may have done this with a spitefull intent!
    I just wish this left-right crap would go away so we as "Americans" can concentrate on the issues that effect us all.
    I may not always agree with you but I do enjoy your rants.
    Best to you!

  3. Northwoods, thanks fer stopping by.
    The sign is actually a bumper stcker, I have seen 'em and it is a sick "joke".
    I used this picture to underscore my point that the Right tends to think and act violently.
    I also wanted to make the point that people in general and myself specifically are tired of it and are doing something about it.
    The use of political assasination to further your cause and stifle dissent has to stop and the ones fomenting it need to be exposed.

  4. In watching MSNBC the other night I think they nailed it. Simply put the right thinks that this nation sides with them and if they just keep yelling louder with the same message that they'll somehow get back in power.
    Interestingly I can't think of one murder in the last 30 years that wasn't done by someone on the right. There was the eco terrorists but all they did was burn buildings. Not nice but not haneus.

  5. I had that same "Bumpers sticker" on my blog, I found that one, and several similar ones and some really nasty demotivational posters, on Right Wing Blogs and Sites. So Whatever. Try and blame it on lefties, it matters not, the truth is out there in plain sight.

    I too am tired of the bullying and the threats and the bullshit. I am tired of being treated like a second or third class citizen because I am not a fan of the Reich Wing's antics this last decade.

    Of course I am not. I am not a fan of anyone who intends--with malice to violate our Constitution.
    I guess I am just funny that way.

  6. Seeing Eye Chick, Thanks fer stopping by.

    I SO get what you said!