Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fuck, Yes.Someone Gets It.

The Rude Pundit nails this bullshit kerfluffle with a white hot sledgehammer.
Get your panties in a twist over something that really matters and get off women's reproductive issues, women's tendency for voting and women's earnings compared to men.

Hell yes these are all important but they are distractions at this point. If Mitt Romney gets elected, then it will damn sure be something to worry about because those fuckers want all of us to go back to the eleventh century. When it comes to being a working mother and having to sacrifice your entire life to raise your children, I would recommend watching Helen Hunt in the flick As Good As It Gets.

I love that flick and I love her, Hubba Hubba.

When it comes to this bullshit about Ann Romney and the dust up about some obscure Democrat woman named Rosen dissing her on Twitter, The Rude one takes the words right out of my mouth,
Are we really doing this again? Are we really having some worthless fucking debate over how hard it is to be a stay-at-home parent? President Obama said, "There's no tougher job than being a mom." Really? Ask a coal miner. Ask a sweatshop worker. It's fucking stupid. Are we just back to Hillary Clinton and the motherfucking cookies? Oh, wait, Michelle Malkin's quoting that 1992 remark, so the Rude Pundit supposes that we are.

I absolutely hate the political correctness every fucking election cycle.

Speak your mind,something something called The First amendment, and if the wannabe electors handlers think it might hurt so and so's chances of election, you are now a pariah and are thrown to the vultures.

It's a good fucking thing I won't run for office.

When it comes to Ann Romney and her priviliged life, lucky her.
I can remember sharing a hot dog bun with my little brother with ketchup and mustard on it after my parents split and calling it pizza because that's all we had to eat.
So yeah, fuck you and your under privileged spoiled brats.


  1. Lots of "sparklies" floating around to distract us from the center ring...

  2. This argument about women is also a way of objectifying the "stay at home" mom as some kind of modern day Madonna, elevating he to a status that is not only saintly, but wealthy, since she has that choice, economically. One of the real arguments here is the issue of "unpaid labor" and the millions of working women who pull the "second shift" at home, since this kind of "work" has no economic value, any woman who does choose to stay at home with her children loses out when it comes to social security. And you are right, this is bullshit, and it's depressing.

  3. You know what's really depressing about, Busted?

    Here, in 2012? Is that it's not nonsense talk for "them."

    There are millions of very privileged women who love to hear their luxurious lives venerated and called "tough" by men for whom they will deliver their votes.

    And trust me, it's a way more trusted vote center than that of the harassed, working (or not), lower or middle-class woman with children who probably does it alone (whether there's a man on the premises or not).

    Never underestimate these clowns.

    They know where every vote is.

    And will make up a few more to join the real ones when the occasion demands.

    Love you!

    Single Mom,


  4. Read the book, The Second Shift by Arlie Hochschild. It is an eyeopener even for a woman who for a while pulled two shifts a day. I suffered for the unpaid labor I performed as the wife who stayed home and held everything together. His ss is much more than mine, plus he had a private pension that benefits him.

    The coal miner at least gets ss from his toils. And, I know he has a very difficult job.

    The Christian sahm's are eating this all up. Women on a pedestal have few options, so they can stay there. I was a sahm because I wanted to be with my children in their formative years. I would not trade the world for that opportunity. Yes, when I worked a shift at home, plus one that was paid, it was a low-paying job since I put him through college and was denied the promise that my turn was coming to go to college.

    Yes, it is all just a distraction, but the right has so many fine Christian women who are wooed by hearing their exalted position praised. So, the real issues are not what we hear. But, legions of SAHMs don't care.

  5. I daresay Rosen could even be viewed as a useful and willing dupe to push Romney's rusty shopping cart full of soiled goods around the parking lot -don't forget she was the point man for the RIAA at the height of the file sharing reaction, a lobbyist for BP, and now a private stooge who has seemingly been invested with sooper-executive powers by a Right Wing hungry for their medieval red meat. Nice fucking distraction.