Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good bye Blogger.

Enough is enough. 99.9 percent of you probably never click on my Blogroll to an awesome fucking guy who used to call himself Physioprof. Your loss. He redirected himself and went to Comrade Physioproffes . Damn he posts some mouth watering recipe's with pictures too, in between his other thoughts, he is a big sports fan too. Let me tell you a little story. I first ran into him at a joint called FireDogLake, years ago, then I ran into him at some dude from Chicago named Driftglass. Smart, witty, the guy was all over what was going on at the time, I'm sure he still is. After a while, some other commenter's at Drifty's place started nagging him to start his own blog and I dived right the fuck in, dude, you need your own blog. Damn, did we hammer his ass. He finally gave in and bitched about it for a while. Like I said, the guy is very smart, as in quite a few people gather every weekday to hear what he has to say in a place that costs lots of money to participate. After all these years and some serious donations from him, he finally left a comment yesterday telling me to quit Blogger. Fuck me, I didn't know he still paid any attention to what I have to say, color me very surprised. OK Physioproffe, you win. As of tomorrow, this joint shuts the doors. Thanks for the memories Blogger, there are some great ones but like the fickle bitch you are, suck my fucking dick, I'm outta here. If you care to read what I have to bitch about after today, Have fucking at it. Please feel free to peruse six years of my brilliant commentary though, This place will still be here unless those idiots at Google decide to fuck things up even more. Adjust your bookmarks or not, I could give a flying rat's ass anymore.


  1. Okay Busted. I've added the other site to my blog list. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. StonyPillow5:52 AM

    Crappy tool doesn't work right? Shitcan it and use one that does.
    Shouldn't take much time to back up what you've got just in case.

  3. I am putting your new address on the blog. I have done the same and still have my WordPress account as a backup.

    From what I can see, it appears that you can import all your blogger writing into your Wordpress Site. I will be working on this today. If I succeed, I will be let you know.

    Google has been progressively more intrusive and authoritarian in its approach of late. The "do no evil" is becoming an increasingly threadbare claim.

  4. GOOD JOBBE! And thanks for the linkage!

    See you over at Wordpress, motherfucker!!

  5. I was going to mention this possibility myself to you, sweetie, but I was soooo busy trying to save my own ass that I never got around to it.

    I procured a Wordpress site long ago and not bothered to transfer stuff due to time limits and trying to publish every day at least once.

    Let me know what you're up against there if anything as I've heard that both sites have problems.

    Love ya!


  6. 'Bout damn time you ditched the Google fuckin' pain in the ass. I know you were at WP before, but DAYUM! I'd a-thunk you woulda had enough of this Blogger shit by now and gone back! So much more nicer at WP, even though the sore loser Google fucks make damn sure your stats will drop precipitously. Fuck 'em, your core will be there with ya.

  7. They pretty much crapped on me too Busted. I'm in the process of setting up a new casa Demeur at word press. Damn it's like driving a Vet after pushing a wrecked Chevy around all these years. Hope you'll do the same or we'll miss your rants.