Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Wasn't There, Were You?

It was an unnecessary tragedy but I have zero facts and neither do you, the Defense lawyers nor the Prosecution other than 911 tapes and witnesses after the fact don't either.
I have kept my mouth shut about the unfortunate killing of a young man for a reason.

It looks like there will be charges filed and after following this only by sensational headlines I still don't have anything to say, other than some certain so called "news sites" need a fucking ass beating for the unnecessary speculation I have had to endure when they don't have a fucking thing to say except repeating rumors across the spectrum of our public airwaves. This is why you have to filter what you see and hear on what we used to call "The News".

I have gone off about these fuckers in the past and I will again.
The news, a local blurb, a National blurb, an International blurb, a fluff piece, the sports, the weather, another fluff piece and a commercial before they tell you to "Tune In At Eleven" for the same sickening bullshit they came up with for the six O:clock news, ad nauseum.
Just today, the headlines screamed that the "alleged shooter" bailed clear the fuck out of Florida and had not been in contact with his somehow appointed lawyers since Sunday and they intimated that he had fled the vicinity and they were so outraged that they called a national press conference to declare that they were no longer aware of his whereabouts and were publicly saying they were no longer going to represent him, after he started a website asking for money while they did too, maybe, to twelve hours later,if he had turned himself in , they just might, be persuaded to come back and try and defend him.

I am not putting up one fucking link to this fucking soap opera.

Take a minute and follow the timeline to this fucked up mess on your own time, check the parents response to all this shit, the press, the fucking legal response from the government and wonder why I ignored every fucking bit of this sad story, then ask someone if they remember it in a year.
By then some other crazy fuck will be in the headlines and this kid will be rotting in his grave just like everyone of us will be eventually.
The difference is, there isn't one.
One or two years after kicking up daisy's, all you are is worm food.

I still remember my mother, forty years gone but time wounds all heels and in the end, when you are dead, you ain't coming back.

That is what is so despicable about young people dying before their time.
They don't get the opportunity to gather experiences to pass on to the next generation and the fact that one young man got gunned down and has so much publicity is sickening because it happens in this country so many fucking times every day and no one gives a fucking shit about some other young man or someones beautiful daughter getting killed because they don't live in that neighborhood or that state and By God, American Idol just came on so shut off the news anyway.

The prosecuting attorney says she isn't going to call a Grand Jury and is going to press other charges, like manslaughter, etc.
Zimmerman turned himself in and I am anxiously awaiting a pay per view movie about the whole fucking thing in six weeks.
3D next year before any results from a trial even start to become public because that's how they roll.

Gag me with the whole fucking thing.


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