Friday, April 20, 2012

Google Done Shit The Bed Again

 For fucks sake.
How about a heads up, maybe a tutorial on how you just changed the process of posting on Blogger?

Maybe fuck no? Now, before I type one fucking letter, there is code identifying me as the Ornery Bastard that will not go away.
OK, geniuses, make that happen AFTER I POST SOMETHING!

I couldn't figure out why there was shit in the New Post box every fucking time I tried to post something so I had to try it three times.

Lick my fucking balls, Badtux got it too.

Meh, it's late, I have to take a serious piss and I will deal with this fucking shit later.

I have more serious shit to deal with, like trying to find another place to live with enough car parts to keep me busy for the next five years and my wife freaking out about rent rates and the fact the State sent a guy out for an evaluation of how our Autistic boy is being treated ,so as a parting shot he could tell us there is a re evaluation of how care givers are going to get paid by the state and the Wife can expect to have her hours cut two fucking years in a row  , yet the state of Washington, after having to go to a special session for the fuckers in the Senate, trying to find a budget found enough to find a million dollars to fund a fucking park on land they stole from a company that got the boot that happens to be on River front property is a great fucking idea.


This is just a bonus of my last post where the Republicans want to cut Food stamps so that the Military still has enough  money to keep killing anyone and everyone they can justify using remote control drone aircraft.


  1. My daughter and granddaughter just moved in because my daughter can't make rent with a full time job that she got a degree for.

    Haven't gotten a raise in so long I don't remember when.

    The Republicans want to starve our kids so they can kill kids in other countries.

    Good thing we have a lot of rope and lamp posts.

  2. Anonymous10:33 AM

    You've got an autistic boy too - bless you! My son was diagnosed with a mild form of autism (PDD) when he was young, he's now 13 and living with the condition is pretty challenging. The routine and deviating from it can cause some meltdowns - you know the drill.