Sunday, April 08, 2012

Another Obituary I Am looking Forward To

Hard to believe this old woman is still around and that there is a single soul that wants to hear what she has to say, especially an all male school where she was the paid speaker.

"Don't Date Feminists"

– Phyllis Schlafly's advice to young men: Don't date feminists, even though "some of them are pretty." Speaking to an all-male student crowd at The Citadel college in South Carolina this week, the so-called "godmother of conservatism" also blamed feminists for drumming up the recent contraception flap in US politics, The Post and Courier reports. "Contraception is not controversial," said the 87-year-old. "The issue is not access. It’s who’s going to pay for it.”

Excuse me Granny, if you can't afford a fucking rubber, chances are your buddy will give you one.
Even better odds, the lady will have one herself, just in case you are a dumbass.

This old bitch has been flogging the "feminist" line since the 1960's.

Are you fucking kidding me? I'm getting old and was actually born in 1960, that is a lot of energy better spent on using contraceptives in my opinion. That one trick pony turned into kicking a dead horse a long fucking time ago too.

I find it extremely hard not to use my usual foul language here.
The words are right there on the tip of my tongue and they are the foulest ones in my repetouire.

Let me start with the fact that an 87 year old ,extremely conservative woman is giving a nice little chat about birth control to an all male graduating class.
Excuse me while I gag until my eyes bleed.

Come on Grandma, get the fuck out.

What I want to know is who is the aspirin between the knees little prude who thought this was necessary.

An 87 year old shrunken up old hag talking about birth control? Wait, it's about those dangerous fucking feminists that are damn near as old as she is.

Mission accomplished when you walked out on the stage, every swinging dick around just went turtle.


You thought Cougars were out to rob you of your virile bodily fluids?
It's those hairy armpit nut busting feminists you need to worry about.
They are apparently too cheap to worry about contraceptives.
At least a decent Cougar would make sure you had breakfast before she patted you on the ass on your way out the door.

Phyllis Schlafly has been a dirty ----( can't understand normal thinking) for a long time and I would personally like to ----(beer in, beer out) in her mouth. No seminal fluids involved.
For the life of me, I cannot believe some fucking idiot thought it would be a good idea for her to talk about birth control to a sea of testosterone drenched young men.


Hurry up and die you old bitch and make my fucking day.

Yesterday would be too late.


  1. But, just think we have the twin Schlafly's who were born asexually of her breast in Palin and Bachmann to provide us these butt nuggets of wisdom in the future, albeit in a more word salad format...

  2. Isn't there a quote about someone who"doth protest too much"? There's got to be a dirty secret in that useless cunt's closet. What fucking idiot hired her too speak at the Citadel? Really? Maybe she and the Pope should get together.She needs to DIAF.

  3. Cynthianne9:42 AM

    Schlafly is still alive? (If you can call that living.) If it WERE possible to turn young men gay, I'm thinking a sex lecture from that mummified old vampire would do it if anything would. Mission accomplished!

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM


    There's got to be a dirty secret in that useless cunt's closet.

    You are so fucked up and you don't have a clue.

    your secret admirer

    1. Anonymous the cowardly...Your projection is is you who is so fucked up and have no clue.

  5. Why did you hold back on foul language when she so clearly deserved and vitriol any of us could hand out.

    I am a feminist who does not have hairy pits and really, really likes men. However,

    Maybe feminists are not the best choice for these guys if they are her admirers.

    I am not a proponent of foul language, but you should have not spared her. My ears can handle it when she is the target.

  6. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Oh, come on, Busted....give her the full treatment. I am a feminist who shaves her armpits and generally like most men; but Phyllis? Let me tell you, the new feminists tell me not to use the word "cunt" in a derogatory fashion; but I am old school and that is what she fraking IS.

    Don't date feminists...right, any guy who would listen to this old twat? I hope they listen, cause I'd like to spare ALL women their marvelous attentions!

  7. "every swinging dick around just went turtle." Oh I am so stealing that one.
    The Corps of Cadets was all male until 1996 when a Supreme Court ruling in a discrimination lawsuit against VMI compelled the school to admit women. Wonder how many females had to hear that shit trap.

  8. Wonder what her advice to the female cadets was?

  9. It was such a loss when Mr. Phyllis Schlafly's passed away. But he will always be remembered by the people. One way of remembering him would be to make him a memorial page on obituaries