Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now You Have Gone Too Far

I just deleted a post that had over ten documented legal injustices from around the world that are happening today because I found one that is being promoted in this country by some of our elected representatives that makes me want to bring a necklace of teeth home.

During last summer’s hard-won debt deal, President Obama and Congressional leaders agreed to a set of spending cuts designed to reduce the Federal budget deficit, including a $54.7 billion reduction in defense spending for FY2013.

Nine months later, however, leaders in the U.S. House are set to renege on this agreement by reversing the scheduled defense cuts and making up the resulting short-fall by making an additional $34 billion cut over the next ten years to the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—otherwise known as food stamps—a program that was explicitly exempted from the spending cuts outlined in the original debt deal due to their disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable.

If you can believe it, Politico has reported on this
and Hell yes I will link to them for pointing out some egregious lobbying cocksuckers lying their asses off to the detriment of our fellow citizens to prop up the Industrial Military Complex.

Best of all, it highlights that oh so wonderful Paul Ryan and his Vunderbudget.

The other reason I am linking to them is to give these craven motherfuckers more rope to strangle themselves with.

Are you fucking kidding me?

They are such Ebeneezer Scrooges that they would literally lobby to take the food out of a hungry child's mouth to pay for more fucking bullets,to randomly blow other innocent babies, newlyweds and goat farmers out in the middle of nowhere to Kingdom Come to pad their resumes like a fucking Baseball players stats?

Damn straight they would.


  1. The logical explanation is that the country is being run by a death cult. WTF????

  2. First I'm glad I saw this.

    This is where we are at and our side can't get it. More than ever I believe our country is being run by the military.

    It was all nonsense and a complete diversion that the military was going to take a monetary hit.

    You lefty's think it's going to be better after the election you are fucking nuts.

  3. I'm with Fly.

    I've come to think that Politico, a creation of two young Republicans, uses some of these issues to obfuscate exactly who they are and what they really advocate.

    As they say in the marketing biz, just spell their names right.

    And they'll be happy.

    Love ya,


  4. What disturbs me the most is the poverty I see on a daily basis and how much good the SNAP program does. This is what those greedy bastards NEVER see. Not only that but you have to go through a process of being investigated so only the truly needy get it and the government doesn't end up giving Food Stamps to some rich jackass trying to get free food. Really? That there is hunger at all, in the "wealthiest" nation in the world is appalling. With so many CHRISTIAN politicians, you would think feeding the hungry would be a priority. Meanwhile money flows to the military and all their contractors and lobbyists.

  5. Anonymous8:16 AM

    What the sickest thing is, cuts in SNAP are going to be felt by some military families, also. Military spending also "Trickles down" to the soldiers, most of it gets gobbled up by the contractors and defense companies. I do know this because we were one of those families. Despised by conservatives for getting handouts, and pointed at by liberals as the cause of the government not taking care of its citizens.