Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not My Personal Best

Gotta give me credit for trying.
Today was not one of my best.
The truck I tried to fix fucked up less than twenty four hours after I shut the hood.
The guy had some tire store put a winch on the nose of an F-250 and they had to move the power steering cooler, which is what caused the problem with his A/C condenser, the PS tubes rubbed a hole in the side of it because where the winch went was where the cooler was originally and it has some seriously fucked up molded in brackets, which only fit where the winch went in.

They tried to jerry rig it with some tie straps and I tried to re rig it but the new condenser has screws going up both sides and I tried to do it in the truck.
I couldn't see the fucking screws and it kicked the damn thing off at an angle and rubbed a hole in the brand new condenser in less than twenty four hours.

So, after having a couple of smokes and a beer, I dove under the prick on the side of the road and spent two and a half hours and several bucks out of my own pocket , two trips back to the Weasel Den for tools and two trips to the hardware store to re rig it yet again just to get him by until after the wedding.

Nothing like laying on the side of the road in direct sunlight and eighty degree weather, with hot transmission fluid running down your arm, trying to figure out how to fuck some other mechanic to make ya hot, tired, pissed off and thirsty.
I made some changes, had to buy some tubing and clamps, rig up some rubber mounts and curse like a sailor but I am sure he will be able to drive the jacked up thing until after I get married and then I will fix the thing the way it should have been done the first, and second time.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I opened the hood because they have those cute little rubber covers over the front of the truck covering everything up.

I will make it right, at no charge to the guy.
I figure another six hours for a job that should have taken about one.

Live and learn when working on four wheel drives.

Ya can't say I have no morals, at least some anyway.

In the mean time, that whole not smoking thing went away at light speed and for fucks sake, at eighty degrees and already pissed off, you bet yer ass I had a couple of beers.
I had to wrap a towel around my bald assed head to keep the sweat from blinding me every twenty seconds.

I told The Wife I would be sober at the wedding, she had better fucking hope I don't have to work on any God damned rigs on the way there, we will both be late because I will walk first.


  1. You're going to make it to your wedding just fine - not to worry.

    I'm so sick of this kind of shit you just described. I'm real good at turning a wrench but that satisfaction is long since gone and I want to do other things.

    I can't get outta this place fast enough. 6 weeks to go.

  2. I have fixed motorcycles by the side of the road after I goofed up on 'em in the shop. Luckily, not very many. The customer never paid a dime extra, came with the warranty.

  3. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  4. The Mrs. made me stay sober until I said "I do". We walked down the aisle and as soon as we got outside, a buddy of mine handed me a glass of Jack Daniels'. Heh ...

  5. All the best. I have been telling guys who tell me they are about to be married not to do it for years, ever since I got married. They never listen. Then I admit that I am very happily married and that it's just my little joke.

    When I was about to be married, a friend of a friend told me not to do it. He was serious. He told me that he had been married twice and divorced twice and that marriage is terrible and so on. I said to him (and this is a true story), "You've been married twice and divorced twice. That means that the two times you made the biggest decision of your life, you got it wrong. And I'm supposed to take advice from you?"