Sunday, August 07, 2011

I'm Still Kicking

Crikey, It's been damn near a week since I last posted.

I was out of town for two weeks trying to make some scratch.

The Wife To Be came down here and is going through the last of the lists for the Wedding.

Freaking out about ties.
God bless her heart.

I do believe the nerves are starting to show.

I have not had time to visit my favorite sites pretty much all week.
I didn't even turn this thing on for two days so I am uncomfortably ignorant of current events.
As such, no ranting today.

Lucky you.

Two weeks from today, the big day is barreling towards us.

Anyways, thanks fer stopping by, maybe I will have some time yet today to scan the headlines and work up a head of steam about something.
There seems to be a never ending supply of complete fucking assholes out there up to no fucking good.


  1. Check my blog, sweetie.

    For a starter.

    Love you, and



  2. P.S.

    Did you and Driftglass (and Blue Gal) get drunk together one night and decide to just go ahead get married in the same week?

    Cause it's looking kinda suspicious.


  3. Wife to be? Damn I missed that! Congrats man!


  4. Honey, I can't speak for the one and only Driftglass but I can tell you I was. I am damn glad I asked and am one lucky sonofabitch.

    I would most certainly LOVE to party with Drifty and Blue Gal, she is the Den Mother for us on the Left and does it out of the goodness of her heart.