Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Great Rice Heist V2.0

Remember a couple of years ago when there was a big run on rice? People were buying rice like they would never see it again and I would bet money, all this time later, some folks still have 50 pound bags of rice sitting around they will never use.

Get ready for it again.

I ain't immune, I bought a bunch too, just in those little one pound bags.

The Japanese public eats a LOT of rice, as does most of South
East Asia and their fears of radioactive contaminated rice from the fractured Fukashima plant has them buying up old stores of last years rice crop because they saw what happened when their government let contaminated beef onto the market and was slow to contain that.

Remind anyone of some Mad Cow Disease?

I read something about a tent city that sprang up in New Jersey today too.
Fucking around with the rice in Japan seems like something you wouldn't give a rats ass about, if a butterfly beats it's wings in Japan and a tidal wave hits here a few weeks later, what in the hell do you think is going to happen if the rice supply is fucked up?
Their car manufacturing took a hit and that has already affected our economy, if you are paying attention.

Yeah, our drought, Europe diving into the shitter headfirst and this absolutely infuriating horse shit on our part that just got our credit rating down gradeded and I , for the life of me, want to strangle some ignorant fucking elected, AND APPOINTED officials by the the throat.

There is no rainbow, it is going to continue to get worse finanancially, and stupid shit like the availability of the people halfway across the planet to buy uncontaminated rice is going to have an effect on you whether or not you like it.

This ain't Kansas anymore TOTO but it sure as shit matters what the fuck happens in Tokyo more now than it did in 1943.

Radio active rice goes a long ways to fucking up a population that depends on it for a staple and I would bet you ten bucks our fucking government has a study somewhere proving that, with another alternate plan on how to do it again surreptitiously.
Better yet, let us old enough to remember Vietnam, rice paddy's deforestation on a massive scale and the nasty fucking thing that is still killing people forty fucking years later, our old friend, Agent Orange.


  1. Hester Prynne4:26 AM

    I find it interesting that the Daily Mail in the U.K. carried this story that there was a story about this tent city in Jersey. This is only one of at least three that I know of, one in Lakewood, one in Camden. You don't see any stories about where all the displaced people who lost their jobs and homes went.Unfortunately I live in Jersey, if you could see the amount of empty homes all over, needing maintenance and someone to live in them, Maybe just claim it and improve it, just like a homestead kind of thing. But nooooo, the banks have to sit on them. Plus jersey has one of the highest tax rates in the country. Owning land is very expensive, also our unemployment rate is higher than the average lie about whatever it is, like 20%? This reminds me of another rag tag bunch, that was eventually led by a guy named Robin Hood.And we all know what a pain in the ass he was to a corrupt government. Hope he gets here soon.

  2. Morning to you. Interesting post.

    What the majority of the US citizenry believed it owed Tokyo in 1943 was somewhat different than what Tokyo thinks the US owes it in 2011. 1943 debts were easier to collect eventually, though not with the interest accrued in places such as Bataan, et al.

    People are keeping better track of things such as debts and interest I suppose.

    Yeah, rice and a lot of other things will get more expensive and more difficult to get in the US because of what's happening in Japan, but it surely won't be the first time.

    Luckily the burden of providing us US consumers with toasters, toys and Televisions, along with all the other stuff we don't know how to manufacture has fallen to the Chinese and shifted away from the Japanese. We'd be in real trouble if the Chinese ever become unwilling to work three shifts producing patriotic bumper-stickers and US flags for our parades and self-celebrations.

    Fun blog. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Hey you! Just tried to send you an email; let me know if you got it...Best, HSAT