Monday, August 01, 2011

What Double Dip Recession?

I don't know about you but I called Bullshit two fucking years ago when I saw some asshole declare the recession from 2007 was over in 2009 and I still do.

They tried desperately to not call it another Depression and they lied through their perfect teeth fucking again.

Now I am seeing same said asshole economic professionals calling the current cluster fuck a "Double Dip Recession".

I have some news for you cocksuckers, it is a fucking Depression, has been since the shit hit the fan in November of 2007 and hasn't let up a lick since then.
Noticed housing prices, GDP and the Unemployment rate that hasn't changed in two fucking years?

Just because we were obligated to mortgage our Great Grandchildren to bail out the upper criminal class, more than once, does not mean that the majority of us is all of a sudden eating steak and lobster three times a week.

Now pay attention to this infuriating deal with the Credit limit horseshit.

I told you they would come up with some fucked up deal.
72% say raise taxes on those making over 250,00 dollars.

Listen to me laugh.

I sure as shit do.
Too big to fail.

Now they are after your retirement that you paid for, claiming it is part of the budget.

I don't know about you but those one dollar McChickens have become a staple food in my life and I would like to punch John Boehner and his ilk in the face so motherfucking hard I break a couple more knuckles.


  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    I say get rid of ALL of them, Repubs and Demos alike. The vast majority of them have been there longer than 10 years, some MUCH longer. Blaming the POTUS is the popular view, but Congress are the folks who write up the legislation and hammer out the bills. Whatever comes to the POTUS's desk is written by them.

    Throw all of them, they have not only been derelict of duty, they've been taking bribes on the side on our dime.

  2. Hester Prynne5:50 AM

    My dad who grew up during the great depression, is finally getting it. He said the job market hasn't been this bad since the great depression. Well, if it hasn't been this bad since the great depression, isn't that proof that it's a damn depression? I've been calling this one since 2007. I don't have a degree in economics, I have a degree in fine arts, I'm a metalsmith, that's right, just like Paul Revere, and in order to be a metalsmith you have to have the ability to problem solve, in real 3 dimensional space. No one seems to understand or relate to reality anymore. And the reality is this, if there are jobs out there, they are for those that are willing to go into the military, or work at McDonalds. These are both soul crushing options that will grind you down, just like the people in the great depression. We have people, thank god, in the blogisphere who are talking about reality, but you don't see much of it anywhere else, especially on the street, in your neighborhood, anywhere you go in your daily life. If the economy is depressed, it makes sense that the people are too. Is this why no one is in the streets? (that we know of)All I see is a sense of helplessness.So how can we solve this problem? How can the little guy who is crushed find the inspiration and intestinal fortitude to force our so called leaders to deal with reality? I don't know about you, but I can make a guillotine, I fear that this is what it is going to come to.Enough people starving in the streets and it's going to look like the "American Spring" and it will make the "Arab Spring" look tame, compared to the chaos I am afraid will happen here. Remember, depression is anger turned inward. Just wait until it's aimed at something.

  3. Sometimes the blinders of how we are determined to believe things are [which we impose on the evidence before our eyes before we allow it into our thinking] keeps us from seeing what would have otherwise been obvious for a long while.

    Reality says Lucy is always going to keep on moving that football. Unfortunately, reality also says Charlie Brown's going to keep on believing she won't because she promised.

  4. Now I am scared! You and I agree Totally! Yep screwed us Again.


  5. Punch Bonner? You'd have to take a number and get in line. Although I'd say he's more the drunken stooge mouthpiece for the GOP.