Monday, August 15, 2011

Stay Outta Kickin' Distance If Ya Know What's Good For Ya.

It's been two fucking days since I had a cigarette and two fucking days since I had any alchohol.

Get just a little closer, I dare ya....

Christ I had forgotten how bad it was to quit smoking.

Drinkin' ain't that bad but the smokes,


I laid around yesterday going through withdrawals, looking at that pack of smokes sitting on the night stand.

I swear I never looked at Farah Fawcett with such longing, I would have kicked Cindy Crawford out of bed and onto her ass if she had blocked my view.

Today, of course, is worse yet.

I was working on a buddies truck and I always had a butt hanging out of my mouth when I was wrenching on my own time, AND a cold beer within reach.

I have been wanting to quit for a while but between the cheapest smokes and the cheapest beer I could find it was 13 bucks for one six pack and a pack of nasty tasting smokes so I bit the bullet.

All I can tell you is a mother moose with PMS would come out limping right now.
I have zero sense of humor.

Temporary Reprieve Update;

The Wife called me worried that I was suffering unduly and told me to go have a smoke, so I did.
It's amazing how the sky went from blood red to sunny so fast.

Be warned, I give it an hour and I am going to be like this again;

H/T to Carolyn in comments.


  1. Hi Busted,

    We're with ya. You can do it. Keep writing.


  2. I'm staying away... cause I've been there... been 28 years... it's wonderful to not have to be always searching for a cigarette or a light... terrible stuff

    This may help... helps me every day...

    go ahead ... click on it... it might work... ;) it's only 15 seconds I think...

  3. Wife? When did you get married? Or, are you talking about the cat? Where are the pictures?

  4. Just practicing, next Sunday.

  5. Busted yeah man its rough. I quit once my now ex said please for Gods sake go get a pack! I'm rooting for ya Bro!

    Funny shit!! I am passing vid on!


  6. one of the few addictions I managed to avoid was smokes. sounds like a rough kick. one day at a time Busted, one small decision at a time.

  7. Nasty Girl9:05 PM

    I love you, baby. Smooch.

  8. Get the pack of smokes out of the house...or do you enjoy torture?

  9. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Hang in there chief, I was a smoker for 18 years (Camel Filters), but I gave it up and have been smoke free for 13 years now. That is the key to quitting - don't quit for anyone else, YOU have to want to do it.

    And if you do fall off, don't sweat it - took me quite a few tries before it took for good.

  10. Mr. Brilliant is doing the "weaning" method. He's down from 1-1/2 packs a day to about 5 now...and those are the hardest to give up because they are the "trigger" cigs -- the first-thing-in-the-morning cigarette, the before-going-into-the-place-of-employment cigarette, the lunch cigarette, the home from work cigarette and the pre-bed cigarette. It's a dramatic reduction and he hasn't wanted to kill anyone, he's just unusually tired. Maybe that method would work better for you? After all, when you get down to 5, it's easier to give the rest up.

  11. Odd, but sometimes it helps to just put an unlit cig in your mouth while your working or puttering around...

  12. My method was cold turkey. The desire was there for a long time. Then, when it was every once in a while I'd get a real hankerin for smoke. Then one day I just never wanted to be near another one, let alone have one in my mouth. It gets better, it really does. It takes a while but you can do it. Walk on by, soon than later you'll be able to run on by, without a thought about it.