Thursday, January 14, 2010

Say Good Night, Harold

Yeah, you, Harold Ford, asshole.
Trying to move your Corporate owned ass to New York because you have done worn out your welcome in Tennessee, Watertiger just stuck a HUGE wooden stake in your dead little heart.
I loves me a Dependable Renegade.


Thank You Honey.

This is a close up reminder of how politicians sell their souls. Harold Ford Jr,

Harold Ford Jr, corporate whore.

This guy just moved to New york to run for office and when he was asked if he had been to all five boroughs, he admitted that he had been flown over them in a fucking helicopter.
How much of the local politics does this guy know?
He doesn't even know where to order a fucking pizza from.

That is serious business around there from what I hear. What the fuck do I know, I never had the helicopter tour anyways. One thing I can be certain of, my pal Fixer will be all over this like stink on shit, because that is what it is and he is very astute. If I have to say,I wouldn't want to see that guy in my rear view mirror if I just happened to be some arrogant fuck with ties to the banking industry flying around looking for a slice and a spot at the Congressional gravy train out of no where.Between Watertiger and Fixer, Little Harry is in for the Grand Tour.
Sic 'em.


  1. If yer from New York, and ya don't know where the best pizza is, or where the best back alley blow job is, or where the most voters are, then you ain't from New York.

    End of fuckin story.

  2. Fuckln salami, pepperoni, italian sausage (with fennel n roasted garlic bitchez), and at least 5 kinds of cheeses and red peppers and a HOT and spicy pizza sauce and gimme a fuckin THIN crust.

    Fuckiin fucks. Ignorant putz. The mooks.

    Eat me.

  3. Oh BTW . . . .

    Whuppa Whuppa Whuppa . . . . .

  4. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Is this mor is at any relations to the Henry Ford, The Father?

  5. Fixer...isn't he the cat who sneaks up behind ya on some sorta vintage motorcycle? Yea, I heard a him.

  6. Naw, you have him mixed up with his buddy Gordon.
    Fixer is not a sneak up kind of guy, he is directly in yer face.