Thursday, January 07, 2010

To Serve And Protect

Ya wonder why no one trusts the cops, after seventeen deaths by Tazer last year, NY city cops shooting an unarmed Groom on his wedding night and sodomizing people with mop handles and now we have this from Florida.

A word to the wise fellas, you are not Gods.


  1. I haven't trusted cops, or the "justice" system since I was 16. I got a bogus ticket for "speeding", 40 in a 30 zone, when I had just pulled out of a parking lot. I was doing MAYBE 25 at the most. The cop would hear no protest.

    The "judge" told me that since I was 16, and had no witnesses, I could not win. So from then on, I've pretty much held "contempt of court", and no love for the fucking police. Fuck those bastards.... By the way, I've gotten several other bullshit tickets for crap I didn't do since then, so it's not based on one instance only. But I did get out of one when I had the cop dead to rights, no argument possible. Gotta put up a fight against those assholes, tazer or no tazer....

  2. Gotta love the comment on the bottom of the page about this being a result of affirmative action. It looks to me like this was a white cop. I'm surprised the redneck bumfuck who posted it didn't say "She was asking for it."

  3. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Oh come on Busted like You never had a mop handle up Your ass''