Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is what George H. W. Bush should encounter every time he steps foot outside his front door for the rest of his life.

His assclown kid too.

H/T HuffPo

Dammit, they pulled the video but this is what the guy said to him,

When he ran into George H. W. Bush at a pizza place, one man decided to give the former president a piece of his mind.

The man called Bush a "murderous, Zionist piece of shit" responsible for millions of deaths. He added that Bush's "new world order" would never come to be, an apparent reference to the 1991 State of the Union.

Then he called him a piece of shit again and was arguing with the Secret Service detail, asking them if they knew the real history of him being responsible for millions of deaths.

Good on ya dude, that ranks right up there with the doctor in the after math of Katrina telling Cheney to go fuck himself.

Truth to power.


  1. These people don't deserve respect for reasons just like the man said. It would be different if what we speak of so much was only speculation because there has got to be some decorum.

    Problem is that what we are aware of is not speculation but is factual documented and true. Which one of the hundreds should we use? We'll go with old standby.

    Chimpy and his asshole buds invaded Iraq for lies that's a fact. Do any of these people deserve respect from me? Hell no.

    They could have it worse like the tried and true Saddam rope treatment.

    If only.

  2. Too bad. Youtube has pulled the video.

  3. karen marie11:19 PM

    I saw the video elsewhere earlier today. Unfortunately Bush was not recognizable because of the poor quality. I would have liked to have seen his frightened little face.

    I don't know why Bush was in that pizza place but if he was invited by the owner, I hope people boycott it.

  4. Would have liked to seen it... The fuckwad deserves to be heckled all the way to jail.