Monday, January 11, 2010

More Mooselini

My God, I can't escape the damn woman.
Sara Palin has now signed a contract with Fox News, a multi year contract.
The woman can't even speak in full sentences.

This ought to be a riot.

Remind me again who the brilliant mother fucker was that decided to inflict this vapid wench on the rest of us?

I was perfectly happy having never heard of her and would like to regain that.

Now I am REALLY glad I got rid of my television last year.
Of course, she is a walking clusterfuck so I am sure she will pull some kind of shit, she can't help herself.

Once she gets on the air,she will get the reaction she so richly deserves.

Trust me.


  1. Well at least she's easier on the eyes than Nancy Pelousy. And I gotta say, a woman who shoots moose is kinda appealing. I can picture her in an old 4x4 sharing a twelve pack. I wouldn't kick her outta the sack anyways...

  2. Mayberry, there's some things that even hot steamy sex can't fix. And Moosilini's stupidity and vicious personality is one of them things. I ain't puttin' my rod there, no way, no how, I'd be scared I wouldn't get it back afterwards, as greedy and grubbing as this woman is.

    - Badtux the Ain't-goin'-there Penguin

  3. Nasty Girl9:36 PM

    What reaction does she deserve? She didn't do anything. She wasn't inflicted on anybody. She lost. She isn't part of what the clusterfucks in there now are doing like Hilary Rotten Clinton and Nancy Bela Lugosi. Cut her some slack baby.

  4. Wowsers, we have our very own troll now. Cool! Still waiting to find out what evil Secretary of State Clinton has gotten up to. In the meantime, I got two words to describe just what kinda lying bitch Moose-for-brains is: Death panels. Completely made up bullshit. Typical of the nonsense she spurts the way a drunk vomits in his favorite toilet, spewing all over the bathroom until the stink makes you go "Sheeee-it, that motherfucker needs to quit drinkin' so much!" Except in Moose-for-brain's case, she done drunk from the Fountain of Stupid so deep that there ain't no amount she can spew into her throne before she runs out of Stupid...

    - Badtux the Rude Penguin

  5. Not a chance honey.
    She is a serial liar and a grifter of the first degree.
    She gets no pass from me and the fact that Fox News hired her is all the proof I need.

  6. Nasty Girl11:03 PM

    You must have drank outta that same fountain.

  7. Nasty Girl11:07 PM

    The comment about the fountain was not aimed at you baby.

  8. Ooh, the troll called me a cooty-head! Uhm... and so's your momma. Nyah!

    Right-wing "arguments" sound suspiciously like 2nd grader "arguments", bwahahah.

  9. Nasty Girl11:17 PM

    After another drink from the fountain...

  10. Nasty Girl11:20 PM

    Man you're so ornery. But I love ya anyway baby.

  11. She is hot! And she is as qualified to run this country as Obammy is (even with a year under his belt).


  12. BadTux;
    You really like her huh? I'm with Mayberry I'd bang her.

    See Ya

  13. This comment is enough to make me think men should not be allowed to vote, because far too many of you think with your dicks -- and nothing else.

    Someone please explain this dynamic to me. Do you think that somehow if Sarah Palin is President you're going to get to fuck her? Are you really all as bad as Rich Lowry, who can't tell the difference between the image on a TV screen and a flesh-and-blood woman "winking at him"?

    You are not going to get to fuck Sarah Palin. And frankly, I'd prefer you not elect a blithering idiot out of some misguided sense that you are.

  14. Never said I'd vote for her. Just nail her...