Friday, January 01, 2010

Now That I Have Survived The Red Necked Howdy To the New Year,

Jesus Christ, it is baby Baghdad around here.
I am fondly reminded of when I lived in San Jose.
At midnight on New years Eve, all of a sudden gun shots would ring out, then fire works would go off, then the automatic rifles would start in.
I had this neighbor lady who was in the National Fucking Guard be standing out in the drive way yakking and I would start hearing a splat, splat,splat, thud, thud thud,hitting the driveway and into the bushes along side and I had to drag the dumb bitch under the car port and explain to her that there were bullets falling out of the sky and get the fuck under cover.
This was twenty years ago.
As I lay awake at the dawn of 2010, I am reminded that this is not a one time thing for many innocent people around the planet because of some imperialistic folks who happen to have absolute control over people who have the capability to steer remote control planes with fucking bombs that apparently can be dropped from half way around the planet by remote control, that kills children , women, and wedding guests, on command.
Thirty terrorists are taken out on every strike, every time.
The women, children and babies, donkey's, goats and little old ladies are just collateral damage and not one. fucking. thing., is ever said about them again.


Women, children, little old ladies, goats, chickens, houses,schools,everything.

All because we are at war with some phantom army who wants to cut our throats in the middle of the night, rape our women and destroy our way of life.

I can't say that I blame them if our way of life is killing every fucking thing that the Powers that Be thinks is in their way from total global dominance or a barrel of fucking oil.

This is what we are going to be paying for, for the next two generations and by the way, we are going to bail out the out of control gamblers in several other domestic enterprises like the infamous Good Old Boys on Wall Street,Gm, again, Fannie and Freddie and several more I don't deign to consider.

Every mother fucker but you and me, BUT, at this time the U.S. Government is not throwing bombs at us, yet.

Reading all of your Emails, Sneak and Peek searches,listening to your phone calls,
Snatch and Grab to send you to another country entirely to be tortured for information you don't have?
Yeah, we have that shit on speed dial.

Black water?
They just got a pass from a a judge here in the U.S. for a bunch of mercenaries in some God forsaken place called Iraq that opened fire with automatic weapons in a traffic jam that killed seventeen people.
Nothing like Los Angeles traffic, I am sure.

Let's not forget the nine BILLION dollars that went bye bye in the cradle of civilization under "Dick" fucking Cheney's reign.Yeah, drop off a few pallets of hundred dollar bills in my neighborhood,oh, don't forget a few thousand bits of modern warfare will help the heartburn.

It might be 2010 but 2000 to 2009 needs to be seriously remembered as the years that this country got robbed, raped and sent the bill for the pleasure of having it done so many times the drapes are beyond cleaning.

Just for fun. from 2009 to the present?
I already need some Handy Wipes.


  1. It's 8:43am in Detroit and the blogers are filling the net with their predictions of when the dollar will die. News flash the dollar died in 1967 when the last of the lawful currency was recalled by the Feds.

  2. Hey Busted, the Gruff Lord relayed your kind thoughts to me, and I want to send them back your way. Excellent post, btw, and you said it blazingly well. I'm proud to know you. :)

  3. *standing on chair clapping wildly*

    thats one hella fine rant my friend

  4. Happy New Year, Busted.

    If we can't have a better world, may we be at least allowed to quaff a fine brew from the skulls of our enemies.