Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was checking my Email and clicked over to see number 99,999 so I hung around a few minutes and sure as shit I happened to catch number 100,000.

Mahtomedi says it was at a hunnerd grand and is from Minna-sota.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

It is quite the mile stone, a hundred thousand hits.

Now I can get over it and start back with the ranting, which I am going to do right fucking now.

Apparently, President Obama left his fucking nuts in Chicago, someone needs to Fed Ex those fuckers back to him, Next Day Air.

The motherfucker is STILL trying to appease those rotten cocksuckers from the Right Wing who have repeatedly stated their only agenda is to stop any thing he wants to get done and have repeatedly been successful at doing so.

Mr. Obama?
You need to sack up, kick that no good dirty sonofabitch Lieberman out on his ass into a snow bank and then go punch Mitch McConnel in the throat to send a message.
Playing nice with these sociopathic assholes gives everyone a perception of weakness, as if that isn't enough of a problem with the rest of the Democratic Caucus bumping into each other trying to find their knees fast enough to be the first one to openly fellate one of these dirt bags on National Television.

You said the buck stops here, then grab a pair and start slapping people around for Chrissakes.

What part of Commander In Chief do you not fucking understand?

I have seen seven year old girls who have shown more dominance than you.

Stand up and wave your dick around and let some of these fucking pussy bullies know just who the fuck is in charge here!

Bipartisanship is a figment of your imagination and asking those rotten fuckers to play nice CONSTANTLY reveals a side of you I never want to see again while holding public office.
We have two fucking wars going, a real Depression and you can't even keep your economic advisor's under control?

Dude, quit acting like a fucking freshman senator on his first day on the hill, trying to find the fucking bathrooms and stand up to these rotten fucking bastards and get PISSED OFF!

You can rest assured if I was in that spot, I would be out for blood.


  1. Your counter read 100,000 when I scrolled down to it earlier. I sure ain't from f*#ckin New Jersey (get a rope). I'm from a much higher breed: Minnesotan Frozen Dumbfuck. One step above a Canadian Frozen Dumbfuck.

    Just wanted to clarify since I have a blocked profile, do to a beer induced laziness to fill in the Google profile.

  2. Well thank you very much, I edited the post to show that and hand me a fucking beer because I am out of whiskey.

    Thanks fer stopping by, seriously.

  3. congrats mahtomedi and busted

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I sat an watch the whole SOU speech and was satisfied that not only did Obama articulate the problems but the solutions. Not to get into a civics lesson here but Obama is the president not the law maker. He slapped the dems and told them to sack up and pass some shit for they do have the majority. He slapped the repugs and said if you wish to stand in the way then take ownership of your part in the sausage making process. But best of all. All though, short he slapped the supreme court for overturning one of there own and pressed congress to shove that ruling right up there ass. All in all I was happy with Potus's performance. He can show them were the water is, but can't make them drink. Good on ya bro for the milestone. Now get back to your bitchslappin.


  5. Damn! Late again. Congratulations on your milestone. Now I have to get out of here and batten down the hatches here in North Mississippi cause the ice storm is coming.

  6. Good on you! Hope the next 100K arrives a lot faster and with a $ sign in front if it for ya! :)

  7. buzzman9:33 PM

    I'm a little late to the party.. but I'll catch up. Obama's speech would've been more persuasive if it'd start with a 2x4 between the eyes. If the dems would ram a couple of progressive reforms down their throats they'd quickly see that cooperation was the better choice.