Monday, January 04, 2010

Third Time Is A Charm.

Oh, the mystery of why a serious rant about the traitorous cunts in the Senate and House disappeared like a fucking beer at quitting time, three fucking times in a row.

It must have been my mistake. Either that or my pointing out the particular points of the Original Constitution that have been broken off in my ass AND the the Amendments that have been shoved up it just to prove how criminal our so called elected government has become, it must have caused me to hit DELETE three fucking times in a row.

What the fuck ever. hand me another beer, I got all fucking night.

Listen, these assholes, male or female, have their tongues so far up the ass of their Corporate Masters, we do not exist.

144 Millionaires in Congress, out of 535, do the math. If the odds of the rest of them getting rich against the odds of me getting sold down the road don't add up to ya,I have a get rich scheme that will make your head spin, it's called The Lottery.

I have to agree with what is out there if you want to find it, I refuse to vote in a National election for the rest of my life because it lends legitimacy to electoral theft.
After 2000 and every election since then. it makes no difference what I, or several million West Coast voters think, it is over before eight O'clock on the West Coast, and Fuck You in Alaska, Hawaii or anyone past Salt Lake City.

I have no representative government, I have the fucking Mafioso with threats of economic repercussions if I dare to cross the local Don. Like, he might just have to go to the Galapagos islands with his entire family, at my expense, for a souvenir hunting,snorkeling and world class dinner , Climate Warming,Fact Finding, Junket. Let us not forget that Rep Hooley,( D), Ore, was on this trip and was astounded that someone might think this to be a "perk" , Read the whole fucking thing and anything else you can find, this is old news from last year.

Bonus points, Mr. Baird went "Fact Finding" to, Antarctica!

Yeah, yeah, we can't afford for you out of work sonsabitches to get any more unemployment, food stamps, Health care or any help with your upside down fucking Mortgages that I helped Wall Street to fuck ya on but you can damn well pay for a government jet to fly me and some colleagues and our whole fucking families around the world to some exotic locales so we can say we are "Studying" Climate change.

Just so ya know, Representative Baird has decided not to run for Re election, citing his need to spend more time with his family, sorting the pictures and artifacts from his Family vacation at Tax Payer Expense Climate Studies Data.

Ow , wait, Health Care, ya can't have some peons, where is my Champagne?

Blow me, ASSHOLE.
I am so done with assholes like this and this is just a little fucking asshole in the scheme of things, not a Gingrich or an Inhofe. Certainly not a Mooselini or a useless fuck like Reid or McCain.

Like it fucking matters, Boxer or that asshole DeMint, not one of those motherfuckers gives a rats ass about you or me unless you can get invited to some fucking fundraiser and get close enough to grab them by the crotch like the fucking whores they are, and slide a huge money check up between their ass and their campaign manager, who is on their knees right in front of ya with their head swiveling around looking like a fucking Dime Girl in a back alley.

Money talks, I walk, I certainly don't fly Government junkets. Mine would be a one way flight with a full body cavity search in shackles and warm beer would not be an option.

Some how, I don't think screaming Green Balloons would help me either.

Maybe something along the lines , of " Getting Shagged By A Rare Parrot" might be enough to scare them into enough truth serum until we got to Syria....

If those are rare parrots, I need some more truth serum but at least someone is getting a nice, slow, screw.


  1. OB,
    Great post, as usual. The harder politicians fuck us, the harder we vote. *This* time we'll throw the rascals out. Yeah, right.
    The turtle graphic was great. I'd like to party with you, cowboy!


  2. Damn Busted, You do get it! Hale-fucking-luja! Son of a bitch, you damn near brought a tear to my eye with this one buddy. ALL those cocksuckers are out to hose us "peons", and it's high time us 300 MILLION take those 545 and break it off in their asses!!!! This "socialist utopia" bullshit has been tried before, and it don't fucking work! Not for us "little guys" anyways. But it ALWAYS works out great for the cock suckers in charge. Fuck them....

  3. Come onnnnnnnn.

    Tell us how you really feel.

    You know I agree with you in toto about the voting and yet I still have the hope that if we could get a serious movement going with Kucinich or some decent (and I mean truly decent) person representing us with a known long-term track record . . . but we know already before we even start that all the people in power have made their deal with the devil (Goldman Sachs, etc.,) and won't let our eventual ruin deter them. Is there no movement that you can see that might have a chance? I have a few thinkers I've covered over at my place who at least have some good ideas about what needs to be done.

    Oh well.

    You're on the money again, friend.

    But what can we do NOW to stop this snowball from Hell from continuing down its track to our country's and our own individual assured coming devastation? (But there will be winners at the top. Oh yes. There will be quite a few of them.)

    Keep on.


    Like it fucking matters, Boxer or that asshole DeMint, not one of those motherfuckers gives a rats ass about you or me unless you can get invited to some fucking fundraiser and get close enough to grab them by the crotch like the fucking whores they are

  4. saw something that scared the bejeezus outta me today. i've said it for almost 8 years now but to actually see it on the front page of really made me know that it was going to happen... I can't find it now...they took it down quick but it said "can this man be president?" and showed a somber picture of our governor haley barbor (MS) here's the wiki link for the jist (hype) of it. has some dirt and jackson free press has some. i just came over here to warn you that he will be our next president mark my words....i'm looking for another country to go to now...think of what you hate the most about politics in this country and put haley barbor's name on it and that's him all rolled up in a neat cigar. be very afraid...

  5. Y'know, my wife is from one of those countries with that evil socialised medicine, and ANYBODY who wants to see a doctor can just goddamned go SEE a doctor, or go to the fucking HOSPITAL or whatthefuckever! OH YEA THERE IS A BIG ASS PROBLEM - they all gotta pay their fucking TAXES, and the RICH FUCKS don't get no fucking LOOPHOLES or offshore shit-banks or whatever they are called. Soon as this place of ours sells, we are getting the fuck OUT of this here bestest country in the world. You can send me a letter in New Zealand, daddy-o cuz I am gonna be gone faster than a night freight!

    Oh did you say BAIRD? That fucking cum stain wouldn't even look me in the eye TWO times I tried to talk to him about these crooked wars we got going!


    Other than THAT, how the fuck are ya there, ole busted?

  6. Mr. Natural, don't let the door hit ya in the ass on yer way out....

  7. Thank you sir may I have another.

  8. There's 535 members in Congress.

  9. jurassicpork,
    Some people in Congress are women, and they don't have members, so there's less than 535 members in Congress.


  10. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Susan is RIGHT. For how fucking long we'll continue to exercise our fingers on keyboard instead of getting together and start DOING something good for this country????
    Btw, Natural is right. The buzz about "fucking socialism" is largely misrepresented.
    The socialism is eventually getting in its place in terms of protection and accessability for the working class in any country.
    And more. Socialism is when losses and profits are shared EQUALLY among its citizens. What those fuckers up at The Hill are doing to this country is a pure fuckedup to the limit corporate faschism.
    Does anyone need any translation?

  11. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Btw, folks. The Global Warming is present. Another thing how this fact being used. But it is getting on progressive scale and we all going to pay the bill.