Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The New Definition Of Freedom

Inspired by a comment I left at Mayberry's,
I am still free to fart in my sleep , snore like a bastard and scratch my nuts, as long as there are no underage females and their PC mothers around.

Other than that,I break the fucking laws of the land every fucking day and enjoy every fucking minute of it.

Just like those dirty sonsabitches we call Representatives.The major difference is, I don't rake in millions of fucking dollars while doing it and I am not fucking over millions of people at the same time.

Speed limits are a suggestion until I get around school and construction zones , sound limits on car exhausts are laughed at with glee, I buy my fucking cigarettes across state lines without paying the fucking taxes,ooooh, two packs at a time, booze too when I can afford it. Who the fuck can afford that shit anymore?The list is endless, I have always been one to say Fuck The Man, I have had my arms twisted , been cuffed and stuffed, profiled and yanked over walking down the street for no reason and I have good reason to hate the system and the dirty fucking bastards who make a living out of keeping the Status Quo.
Hey, if it is good enough for the crooked motherfuckers we are dealing with now who absolutely ignore every fucking law on the books, then it is good enough for me.
Oh yeah, fuck you assholes at the FBI too.

WASHINGTON | The nation’s top two law enforcement officials acknowledged Friday the FBI broke the law to secretly pry out personal information about Americans. They apologized and vowed to prevent further illegal intrusions

Gotta love the Tuscaloosa News, href=""> they told us about this shit in 2007.


Fuck the WAPO and the FBI, this one kills me.
I can haz real newz, Real time?
Not MSM back wash drool in a fucking tea cup three years later?

Fer Chrissakes, why now?
Anybody paying attention knew about this years ago. for the love of God, anyone paying attention knew about this.
Kind of like all the law breaking shit the Bush administration did, we knew. Nobody is going to do a fucking thing about it, we know that, so Fuck Off and give us some real news, eh?

Hey, WAPO, fins are out and bikinis have been whittled down to the point I can see where yer cousin has a small mole on her outer labia. Get with the fucking program here.
Oh, wait, it's a rerun.Something about being relevant, no need for the DOJ to read this, they could give a rats ass.

Yeah, the FBI sez they won't keep a file on you for no damn reason for sixty fucking years and we certainly won't share any information with those assholes at the CIA, because, we don't like those guys and they have Pepsi in their vending machines.
On top of that, they only kinda sorta broke the law, kinda like a California stop at a stop sign that will cost me and you a hundred and seventy five bucks, ya know.
Still nothing as of ten PM tonight about the massive data collection anyone else has been doing in this country because they are still using Internet Explorer six and the Chinese haven't sent them the new passwords. Google is still using "Bush Rules".They also have been reportedly been offered a "BoBo Plate" with a side of shrimp and two packages of hot mustard to keep fucking over the citizens of China. No word yet, except, more soy sauce and two crab puffs are rumored to be in the next round of talks.

Actually. I gotta give Google some credit, they stood up to the government of China, right after they bent over and grabbed their ankles. Let Freedom Ring.

Kiss my fucking ass, I am getting old and I remember a different day when even a rookie cop treated ya like a decent citizen, instead of walking up with his gun drawn and dragging you out of your car and Tazing yer ass because you just were not as polite as he would have liked.


  1. Hi OB,
    The Mayberry link doesn't work. Take the "v" off the front of the address and that should fix it.


  2. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Leave the link the way it is. Mayberry is bat shit crazy and his rants are sure to get his name on one last list, his obituary...

    OB, keep on keeping on

  3. Well said my man, well said.

    Mayberry says what he thinks to. My wife once said she wanted a plate for the front of her car that said "Fuck Rules". I wish I would have got her one.

    See Ya