Thursday, December 11, 2008


I see the Republicans are doing their damndest to block the bailout of the car industry.
Funny, they did not seem to have a problem writing a blank check for the financial assholes to the tune of 700 BILLION dollars, with no fucking oversight.
Can anyone tell me where that money is and what good it is doing to the average Joe?

I thought not.

Mitch McConnell and Billy Bob Corker are having a fit that we might bail out a MANUFACTURING industry that has UNION members because they make too many dollars an hour!
Yeah, their talking point is that UAW members make seventy fucking dollars an hour.
That is Bullshit but at the same time they have no problem with lawyers and Doctors charging two hundred or more dollars an hour.Called a plumber or an electrician lately?

No need to look at the facts and say that is bullshit.
Of course these industries are not going to go tits up any time soon.

I say if they have such a problem with carmakers they should start rediscovering bicycles and donkeys, see how fast their attitude changes when they have to start walking their corpulent asses around town.

No, they are out to break a Union, because by God we just can't have that.
No mention that The Republicans want to bust the wages AND benefits of the UAW down to what the non union people in the South working at a fucking Toyota plant make.
That would be a Right To Work state.
Also, no mention that Mitch McConnell seems to bypass the fact that GM workers build the Corvette in Bowling Green Kentucky, where he happens to be representing.
What a nice thing he is trying to do for his constituents!

No. it is all about the benefits the UAW workers get and they make more than his housekeepers.
No mention of the fact that the old queen will never have to make a decision whether or not he is going to spend a hard earned paycheck on paying rent, buying food or paying the electric bill, let alone prescriptions or doctor bills.

He has it made!
Fuck you working stiffs.

He has a guaranteed pension. a zero deductible health care plan that is the envy of the world and has the [power to crash the economy of an entire nation just because his corporate masters don't like unions.

Do me a favor, if you are a die hard Republican, go get sterilized.
Then vote for these same assholes until the day you die.

There is a reason they are in the minority and this is a perfect example.

They are perfectly willing to crash the whole economy because they see the opportunity to kill off one union.

That would make the rest of us Collateral Damage and we already see how that works.


  1. rich white friends of Hank Paulson - no problem

    working union people who dont vote republican - not so fast.

    a major FU to richard shelby --- at least he is consistent in his hate

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Good job, Busted! Those two-faced motherfuckers need de-nutting.

    P.S. Thanks for the video. I likes me some Kettle!