Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's That Time Of Year Again

The Top Ten Douchebags Of The Year.

Joe Lieberman is mysteriously missing from this list.


  1. That's because douchelander Perez Hilton eated him.

    'There can be only one'


  2. Awwwww, just becuz he swings both ways? Repugnicans didn't fault McCain for consortin' with the ene..... Wait a minute.... Never mind......

  3. They's got some good shit smokin' in Miny Asspolis.

    Only three of their choices were even tangentially notable, only one for true douchebag-ness.

    Obscure and oblique is one thing, but "douches of 2008" is a target rich environment. No need for turd-rate posers.

    Prince? Really?
    The Lizard People Guy? Really?

  4. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Pure crapola.

    I can roll with Coulter and St. Paul Cops.

    Who the fuck said those asshats were allowed to MAKE such a crappy and inconsequential list of pure shit useless nobodies?

    I swear, the snark has gone to hell.

    Thanks for pointing out that even the snark is in the toilet. A sad, sad day for snark.

    And it's a damned sickshitfuck day for calling assholes assholes. As said above, we got's ourselves a fuckin target rich environment . . . I fart in their general direction and pee upon their keyboards.