Monday, December 08, 2008

Dude, That's My Lunch

Some older gentleman flying in to Dulles from the Central African Republic, freaked out the TSA when they discovered a pound of dried deer meat and the charred carcasses of three freakin' monkeys in his bag.

"The meat, inadmissible under U.S. law, was confiscated and is being inspected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The man was allowed to enter the country without penalty.

Foreign visitors often attempt to carry unusual food products into the country that are part of their native cuisine, especially around the holidays, but this was an atypical discovery, Sapp said.

"It's a rather unique thing," Sapp said. "We've seen all types of food and plants coming in through the airports. . . . but this is a first for many of us."

Sapp described the man as elderly but did not know his exact age and said he is visiting his son in the District. The man's name was not released because he was not arrested, Sapp said."

It's a good thing the guy didn't have any Horseradish on him......

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  1. "Bushmeat" consumption goes up when fishstocks (travels inland dried) are down. Europeans and their sophisticated sonar equipped boats are wiping out African fishing.