Saturday, December 13, 2008

Technical Difficulties

This POS computer has a virus or a Trojan program in it.
I know this without a doubt.
Unfortunately, neither my Firewall, my Anti virus program nor my Spyware program either noticed or can actually find it. Needless to say I am pissed off about this whole deal.
They have been banished back into the ether in a burst of electrons.
I have installed a new Antivirus program but it is kicking my ass trying to figure out how it works.
I just now got back here after fucking around with it for hours!

It says it wants to take about 24 hours for a system scan. I think this old laptop has been outclassed., it just doesn't have the Horsepower it needs to run this program.
Anyway, just a heads up.
There is a major cold snap headed this way, possibly overnight, down into the mid to low teens and it has been raining all day.
That will turn this whole area into a skating rink.
I am set pretty damn well to sit it out, I am going to run over a couple of blocks and get some candles and cheap lighting just in case.
Everything else is covered, I hope.

I will continue my quest for the offending code later.


It kills my processor to less than dial up speed and I had to pause the twelve hour scan just to post this but at less than 10% of the scan being completed, this new program found six damn Trojan data mining programs the old Anti Virus AND the Spyware programs I had couldn't find even though they were up to date.

Miserable sonofabitches anyway.

The assholes who design and send out this spyware shit and viruses should have their balls clapped together between two 2X4's.


  1. Your preppin' call to arms had me get the wife to call the local farm store and ask the price of blue jeans. $11.98 a pair! I am getting 5 pairs tomorrow. Let the collapse come on in! At least my ass will be covered! Hah!


  2. Ok man, I hear you sufferin with that old laptop just about enough. I got a deal for you but it is down here at the beach. Copy paste this link and see if it's something you can hack a hole in the wall and fit into the old cave.

  3. My puter got a dose of the clap this weekend. My wife says it's from surf'n pron all the time. Guess I'm gonna have to get a rubber for my mouse. She had to reformat it, whatever the hell that means. Anyway I'm back up and glad you are too.

  4. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I'd like to know which anti-virus program you're now using. I'm running one that gets updated at least twice a week - usually more often - and it takes a while to run a scan too. But it never finds anything. This is not a bad thing - it just makes me nervous.
    Man! Wouldn't it be great to catch one of those virus/spyware doers! I've got a couple of treats after the 2x4 clapping!
    Your Norther's front edge slid into here in Iowa last night - 7 degrees this dawn. The white shit is due tonight.
    Stay warm - and half way between the fences when you have to go out.

  5. Damn, this was a bad week for the 'puters. I think it's the fedgov tryin' to put us outta bid'ness, ha ha. Break out the tin foil!

  6. Anonymous9:58 PM

    There's a REASON I bought a MAC at top dollar three years ago . . . *G* What virus? *G*