Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stupid Beyond Belief

OK, I can understand it when ya get pissed of at your neighbors dog for barking all night,
been there, done that.
I have been pissed off at my own damn dog for barking too much.

I can also understand it when one of your neighbors decides it is time for you to shut the fucking dog up.
I can't say that I would go so far as to write you a damn letter informing you that you had thirty days to retrain the vocal sonofabitch or I was going to kill it, however.

What the really stupid part of this is this,

The probe comes as the City of Cape Town's controversial animals by-law goes for a last draft discussion at the end of the month before being sent to council for approval. The law stipulates that owners may not keep dogs that cause a disturbance to neighbours by barking for more than "six minutes in any hour or more than three minutes in any half hour".

Good luck with that, ya stupid idiots.
Fer fucks sake, stupid assholes think that they can just pass a law outlawing a dog barking.
Just how fucking ignorant are these people?
Who is going to be manning the stopwatch here?

Is there some kind of fine involved?
Are ya gonna shoot the owner, what?
Oh, the best is for last too,

Glynne Anderson, a pet behaviour consultant, advised the owners to keep George inside at night as dogs hate sleeping outside. This could be a reason for him disturbing the neighbours.

"I hope they find the coward who wrote the letter and string (him or her) up." she said.

Here is the link, H/T Fark, you just can't make this shit up.

I vote for a hearty bitch slap to all involved and give the fucking dog a steak to shut it up.