Sunday, March 14, 2010

Freezing My Ass Off At The Coast

Good morning dear readers.
I am at my friend Suzanne's place at the coast.
I brought her old car back after she got a better one from my buddy.
Man, what a POS that dear lady was driving!
It was given to her and she is going to give it to someone else.
It runs fine but I think it has a drive axle getting ready to shit the bed and the transmission is making some funny noises.

The poor dear is resting comfortably. she is up half the night taking care of a Big Name outfit as a Moderator.

She has no clue I am sitting here using her computer but I know she will just laugh when I tell her.

I love her place, OMG, how do I describe this joint?


Real wood, everywhere.
The exposed beams in the ceiling are honest to God, real, two by fours!
Solid cedar two by fours!

Tapered wooden columns, very Mission style, this place is gorgeous.
Very rustic.
Wood framed windows looking out over the bay, the little birds on the rails of the porch are so fun to watch.
One by twelve solid cedar walls, you should see the entrance way just for the skill someone had in making multiple angle joints!
I love this place and I wish I had more time to check out all the crooks and nannies that I know damn well are here.

I needed this.

There was one little spark left in the woodstove when I got up and the Boy Scout in me took over.
There is now a blazing fire going on and all I had to do was get out my pocket knife.

It is overcast outside and it is beautiful.
I forgot how much I missed living on the coast.
Besides the Tweety birds, I can see some Cranes out wading in the mud at low tide and Sea gulls swooping in and out. There is a half black Blue jay terrorizing the Tweety birds, trying to get at the bird feeder as I type.

Jesus, this place is something that someone like Steinbeck would kill for.