Monday, March 08, 2010

Buy It Now!

If you are one of those folks that once in a while try to sell a fucking pocket knife, a wedding dress or some NASCAR special commemorative Dale Earnhart lug nut, I have bad news for you.
Because the IRS can't seem to find several BILLION dollars in hidden tax accounts spread around the Caribbean and/ or Switzerland, you have now become a primary target.
That's right, if you sell something on EBay, they are going to track your narrow little black market ass down and send you a VERY SPECIAL, 1099K form, demanding you claim that dollar forty nine you finally got out of some other poor schmuck that actually bid on and won, that extra special egg timer they just got a steal on.

Those Madoff folks pretty much get a pass but yer Granny now has to claim that shit as income.

I shit you not. EBay, Pay Pal, anything with an electronic record they can find.

You knew it was a matter of time, with the economy way past the toilet and fouling the air in general, the fucking IRS is going to tax anyone selling anything, over the internet.

OK, I am stretching the truth here. They are only going after anyone making twenty grand or selling more than two hundred items a year.

AHH, there is the catch, 200 items a year.

A body could sell four hundred items a year, as long as they only cost a fucking quarter, otherwise, pay up bitches.

I used to have a Sister In law that went to the main Good Will outlet where they sell shit by the pound for fifty cents and take home a truck load of clothes and clean, sort, package and sell them over the internet.
I was fucking amazed at her ingenuity.
She would have been exactly what these assholes are targeting, even though she hardly made enough in one month to pay the fucking water bill.
Most of it got donated right back to a LOCAL charity.

So, thank God our Government is all over getting some revenue back from such insidious ingrates.

Do you have any idea how much it cost for them to plan and execute such a brilliant stroke of genius at our expense?
Me neither but I can bet it will take several years for them to break even, on the printer.

Billions for the Bankers and another Fuck You to us little bastards trying to scrape by.

Local Barter.
Keep your mouth shut, get a loyal, LOCAL group together and FUCK the FedGov.
I am so sick of these thieving cocksuckers, I can hardly stand it.
Fuck Them, this is America at it's core.
Starve the beast because it is eat or be eaten with these fuckers and I taste like ass.

For those like me who can be relatively slow on the uptake, I was just falling asleep when I realized what this actually means to us Average Joe's.
Are you aware of the Total Information Awareness program the fed Gov has been actively using since before GW Bush?

That is where the IRS is getting this information.

I just thought I would help you all sleep as well as I do.