Tuesday, March 02, 2010

In reply to a comment from greendayman

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This was the comment:

P.S - SBCW - I am a liberal democrat and a damn good shot. I will take you out if you get in my face. No questions asked. Get off your high fucking independent horse. Michael Moore has done more to forward the anti-corporate agenda than any other hollywood fuck. He is Detroit born and raised. WTF? You been watching Fox News again? Get off his case. Watch some of his stuff and shut the fuck up.

Hillary Clinton has more balls than you ever will have.

There is only right and wrong - no politics of left and right, but if I gotta throw in with someone, I will throw in thei the left every fucking time. What the fuck is your problem? Let's have a little go round and see...

And this is my reply:

Greendayman, eh? Mind if I shorten that to Nimrod? Seems kinda fitting. No, Sir...I will not get off my high fucking independent horse. Michael Moore is a hypocritical fuck who makes millions of dollars raging against corporations and capitalism and, may I remind you since you've so generously offered to shoot me, guns. Or didn't you see Bowling For Columbine? His so-called "documentaries" are one-sided propoganda bullshit, much like Fox News which I avoid like the plague.

I decline to shut the fuck up but thanks for asking. Lets consider the anti-corporate agenda for a moment. Most corporations are stock-holder owned and while it is true that the stinking filthy rich own huge amounts of said stock, it is equally true that lots of little people own that very same stock through 401k and other investment programs. The problem is not the concept of the corporation, it is the greed and corruption inherent in the system of government which regulates it (or fails to, more accurately). In that regard both Republicans and Democrats are equally culpable since the fucking system is broken almost beyond repair from decades of partisan bullshit up front and pork barrel deal making in the back rooms.

You are correct when you say that "there is only right and wrong - no politics of left and right" but you are completely missing the fact that the politics of left and right ARE what's wrong! Don't you get it? Our fucking government is made up of millionaires on both sides of the aisle. One side wears red ties and the other side wears blue ties but underneath those ties there ain't a god-damned whit of difference between 'em except the party lines they spew out to keep the people divided and themselves in power. That's the game...getting in power and staying there. Anybody who automatically throws in with one side or the other is a fucking idiot. I throw in with good ideas no matter which side the talking-head I hear it from is on.

Does your life change in any dramatic way depending on who holds sway in Washington DC? Mine doesn't...except for the undeniable fact that one way or another it's gonna cost me money. The Republicans want to take it and give it to the rich and the Democrats want to take it and give it to the poor. What's the fucking difference? Neither one of those beneficiaries earned it. I fucking earned. I worked for it and it should be mine to keep. I have just as many problems with multi-million dollar CEO salaries as I do with multi-generational welfare payments. THAT is my fucking problem.