Monday, March 01, 2010

Madness Reigns

I am right on the ragged edge of not giving a Rat Fuck what goes on anymore.
Lick my fucking balls.
Two gazillion laws that only apply to little peons like me and career War Criminals get a pass.
Fuck that shit.

I have been breaking the laws for forty fucking years. I guess I just wasn't breaking big enough laws.Either that or I don't have Mega Corporations paying off the fucking DOJ.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause and he ain't coming to any power lunch you are having in the near future, you betcha.

At this point, it is every man for himself, the motherfuckers who were elected to office have willfully abandoned anyone under three million a year net and have also willfully ignored every fucking law in the land when it comes to bringing treason to the bar, fraud, extortion, corporate rape, corporate malfeasance , vote rigging, election fraud, theft of office, the vows to protect the Constitution, basically every fucking law on the books has been broken brazenly by our so called elected officials without one single instance of a high level prosecution that comes to mind.
Not only that, they bend over like a gymnast finding ways to let these fucking bastards off the hook when anyone with an IQ over a fucking Right Wing Fucktard could tell you some crimes against humanity have been committed against our laws, against the treaties we have signed and against the fucking Constitution, which just happened to have turned into some Goddamn piece of paper shortly after George fucking Stupid Mother Fucking W. Bush managed to get installed as the President by the Powers that be.

Hey, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
Have a nice day you rotten sonsabitches, the gloves are off, all bets are off.
You fucking assholes don't want to play by the rules?
Game on mother fuckers.

Damn, did I mention I jay walked twice today?
Oh, I also drove a Weapon of Mass Destruction two fucking miles an hour over the fucking speed limit for three blocks in a school zone, Construction zone , down town business district without a fucking seat belt on too.I think I had a tail light out.

Fuck you.