Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sometimes, I Can Be A Real Idiot

So, after I finally got vertical , about two fucking thirty yesterday,me and the roomie go down to the laundromat to wash some clothes.
We go in there and acquisition seven or eight washers and then proceed next door to a very convenient bar. Walking around the corner,I see about fifteen Harley's parked in front of the joint, a bunch of biker chicks standing around talking to their boyfriends and one vertically challenged dude standing right in front of the front door, talking to an older couple who looked like they were on vacation from Arizona. The older guy even had the shorts and the knee high socks.

Anyway, I went to go around them and said my apologies for interrupting and the little biker dude asks me what I am riding.
I told him I ain't riding anything, I am doing laundry next door and go around him.
I get inside and go to the bar and tell the very blond and hugely breasted young lady that I would like a pint of Flat Tire beer and proceed to tell her about my experience trying to get in the joint. When she turns around and looks at me,she says, maybe it's because you are wearing a black leather jacket and a tee shirt underneath that says Sturgis?


I told her it was the only fucking clean Tee shirt I had left and walked away.
I have never been to Sturgis, my old man went there a few years ago and brought me back this lousy Tee shirt!

Just my luck.

Some day I'll have to tell ya about the time I was sitting in a very dead bar in San Hozay, it is so quiet all you can hear is some cars going by once in a while and the flies buzzing around, and a few stools down, this old biker dude finally pipes up, we are the only ones in the place, and asks me if I have ever been in the joint.(prison)
I says no and he says, in a VERY gravelly voice, " Well, ya just kinda got that look about ya".

Apparently, I need to have a serious fund raiser and get me a fucking Harley.