Friday, October 31, 2008

You Want Scary? Imagine This Guy As President

Can you say Asshole?
I can.

I do believe this conversation would have ended quite diferrently if the guy was talking to me like he is this woman.



  1. It's rare but I confront guys in the supermarket checkout line and other places who talk like that in front of women. Usually they're smart enough to STFU. Haven't had to deck any of 'em yet.

    Apparently McCain is kinda famous for his gutter language and nobody ever calls him on it. Somebody for damn sure should.

  2. I'm a woman, and I would have decked him myself...not for language, since I am perfectly capable of swearing like a drunken sailor....but for his nasty condescending attitude. Asshat!

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Hell of a find, Busted. I'm taking that to relaxedpolitics for Betsy and Mr. Spook . . . . hope ya don't mind! Imagine if this got in front of Heartland Voters who hadn't decided yet? I mean GOBSMACK in front of them?

    You just don't talk like that to people, even the 'little one's on the plane' . . . . pure crap of an asshole.

  4. Great find, Busted.

    What an asshole. Like this is news. Not. But geezbus.

    Gawd, I hope someone decks the guy, up close and personal.

    One of my favorite "detective" series are the Spenser ones, written by Robert B. Parker- to quote wiki, "a smart-mouthed tough guy with a heart of gold".

    McCain: You're an asshole.

    Spenser: Why yes I am. How astute of you to notice.

    McCain: You're an asshole.

    Spenser: Why yes. I believe you already mentioned that.

    McCain: You're a fucking asshole.

    Spenser: Oh, my. I am impressed by your command of language.

    McCain: Do you know who the fuck you are talking to?

    Spenser: Indeed I do.

    McCain tries to hit Spenser's jaw, but Spenser kicks him in the groin, beats him up a bit more, decks him, and sends him rolling down the slope into the water.

  5. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Hey Busted, check out the full info to the right.
    Whols seems to indicate he's done this on purpose as a piece of edited satire.

    And, if you read the comments to this video (545 of them) you'll get a trend early on this was a job by Whols, and maybe he tried to pass it off as real, but got busted, and had to add the 'satire' tag.

    Anyhoots, I'm with Geoduck who posted at Relaxed Politics that it's a false piece, and not suitable to be used to inflame, other than it's great satire, if posted as such . . .

    Damn, I was SO hoping . . . but this was April of this year, the MSM and bloggers woulda hit on this LONG ago had it been true, huh . . DAMN I was hoping . . *G*

  6. Let me tell you somethging from personal experience.
    Anyone who would call hgis WIFE a CUNT in public is more than capable of talking like this in public and especially in private.
    The Satire tag can kiss my ass.
    I have been to Granny's house before and this guy's temper has been well documented.

  7. Call him just what he is an ASSHOLE!

  8. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Busted, I'm with you on the whole anger management thang . . . I don't think that's an issue at all.

    But I'm not sure there's any proof he actually his old lady a cunt. I haven't snopes'd . . . but that's usually good for a modicum of truth.

    Fucker's toast, any way we look at it.
    So's the GOP.
    The CORE of the GOP may take out Sarah AND Toddy Palin post election, so that's good.

    With a big prez win, more House seats, and even 58 Senate seat, we is POISED, to move forward.

    As long as Obama MOVES it forward. And we progressives lean on him, Pelosi and Reid, day after day after day. Issue after issue after issue. Vote after vote after vote.

    Make these centrist dem's WORK for their next cycle, or we dump them again.

    Life is easy. Pay attention and don't use shit tools.

    Whoops, that's yer tag!!! *G*