Saturday, October 18, 2008

Being A Lazy Bastard

I am trying to recuperate from my wild night last night.
I didn't wake up until eleven and I had a MASSIVE hangover.
No freaking beer in the place either, so I drug my carcass out of bed and threw on some clothes and hauled ass to the local store.
I picked up a six pack of miniature Coors Light cans and a pack of smokes. I normally don't drink Light anything and abhor Coors for being piss water beer but that is what was called for this morning.
Just something to ease the aching head and trick the body back into party mode,

I ran into some friends at a local watering hole I don't frequent too often and obviously had too much fun but I was due. I have been working my ass off lately, weekends and after work getting that damn truck driveable.
I actually have car insurance now!
I haven't needed it because I drive a company rig.

I ran into an older lady who really likes me, poor thing.

We had a good time and I did actually wind up with a kiss.
I have very mixed emotions . I like her OK, she is quite a bit older than I am but that doesn't bother me a whole lot.
It's that whole relationship crap. I been alone for a long time and I really prefer it.
No one nagging my ass about this or that, I don't have to constantly be watching what I say, eat, do, wear etc.

We'll see, she is pretty fucking ornery in her own right.

So anyways, I am just laying here like a lizard on a rock, vegging out right now. I have a ton of things that need doing and right now it can just stay that way for a while.
Fuck It.

I should have got more beer dammit, these little bitty cans are a fucking joke.


  1. tagged ya busted

  2. We had a good time and I did actually wind up with a kiss.

    That's it!?