Friday, October 10, 2008

Palinator, Meet Monkey Wrench

Oh, this is too good to pass up.

It seems that there are two realities, one that is made up by desperate political hopefuls and their propaganda machines, and real people who take a whole day to look at facts and deliver a different version of the same subject.

The Caribou Couple just got spanked. I hope this will enhance Sarah Palins political learning curve and be a warning to all the Politically ambitious Douchebags out there.
I suppose the McCain campaign staff were not paying attention when President Bush said that sometimes you have to catapult the propaganda. That means you have to start trying to legitimize the lies you want to tell way out in front of the actual facts.
I guess that earns you an EPIC FAIL award. Yes, it is the Republican sponsored Palin Strategy back in their face with a bonus DogWhistle insult added.

Fuck you people.

You can put that on the wall right next to the Moose head.

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