Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tagged Again

My friend Suzanne tagged me after my other friend One Fly tagged her. The poor guy tagged me with one a while back and I kinda blew it off, sorry about that pal.
Anyway, I'll do this one but I ain't tagging anyone else with it, you're welcome.

1. Clothes shopping.
I get most everything except socks and underwear at places like the Goodwill. Being a mechanic kills clothes faster than you can shake a stick at and I hate coveralls. I did buy some dress clothes earlier this year.
Oh, I was lying about the underwear, I go commando.

2.Furniture shopping.
I live in a trailer with a door that is two feet wide.
I couldn't get anything in here if I wanted.
I do love antique furniture, I still have a small table I refuse to part with.

I'm not real big on sweets like I was when I was a kid, once in a while.

4.City or Rural.
Rural but not so far out I can't get to the damn city if I need something or want to see a concert.
I hate big cities.

5.Drink alcohol.

Your kidding, right? Does a frog have a watertight asshole?
If it has bubbles or burns the throat on the way down and then makes me walk crooked, I'll take two.

I can honestly say I like a wide range of music, no rap, no hip hop.
Me and Suzanne have the same taste in music, Lots of blues. I like Electric Blues and Heavy Metal the most. Rock on baby.

7.TV series.

I very rarely watch television, it insults my intelligence.
I like PBS, I catch cooking shows when I can. House used to be pretty good and car racing, preferably open wheel.

I passed on going to see "W" today. About the only time I go to the movies is just so I can spend some time with my kids, which I do not do enough of, Bad Daddy.

I climb up and down off of Semi Trucks like a fucking monkey at work.
No thanks.

10. Pastries.

Like I said, once in a while.

11. Coffee

I can't drink the shit like I used to, too much of it and I can't sleep at night and it tears my guts up but I do drink coffee in the morning at the very least, sometimes black and sometimes with tons of cream and sugar.

There ya go, more information than you really wanted.

Have a nice day.

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