Friday, October 03, 2008

Let's Quit Beating Around The Bush

That chick Palin is quite the shiny object.
While we are all screaming and yelling that she is a fucking joke, stop and take a look around at what you aren't seeing on yer fucking Tee Vee screens.
Let's start here,
BushCo has been working for quite a while to get air superiority over the top of the Continental U.S. , it seems he finally got his wish.
Big Brother is here.
The other non reported event, good bye Posse Comitatus, hello U.S. Army being deployed on our own soil to make sure there is no civil unrest that gets out of hand , just in case President Bush suddenly decides to declare some kind of National Emergency.
Enter Directive 51.
Not only does it give the President unlimited discretion of what actually constitutes an emergency, it allows said President to deploy CANADIAN troops alongside our very own to keep the peace. Good old Directive 51, dictated by decree and totally ignored by the U.S. Media.
In other words, shoot to kill.

In case you start thinking I have the Tin Foil wrapped a little too tight, I would direct your attention to what just fucking happened to the LEGAL protesters at our most recent Political conventions.
Not only were protesters not allowed within a quarter of a mile of the Convention, many were beaten and gassed and sent to pre prepared temporary jail cells without food, water or medical care.
Not paying attention yet?
Let's move on to the Republican Convention where REPORTERS were illegally arrested, their equipment confiscated and they were detained and physically restrained, WITHOUT CAUSE, PREEMPTIVELY, by overzealous police teams using Incorrectly addressed warrants. ( Ya gotta love Glenn "Big Balls Greenwald" ,scroll down and watch the fucking video to see what the future holds for us dissenting citizens) Peaceful demonstrators were pepper sprayed and Tazed and jailed in ST. Paul and the Mayor ended up dropping the charges against any media members,or BLOGGERS who were man handled and chemically sprayed or physically attacked and left to suffer. I guess he figures the Ten Million dollar insurance policy the Republicans took out in advance to cover the Constitution raping rights violations they had planned in advance will cover the damages inflicted. Guess again.
Fuck you, and Fuck them, get out the check book motherfucker.That is not going to be enough to cover yer ass but it will start, some folks need medical attention and you are going to fucking pay.

If you graduated the third grade you can add two and two.

The Police State has just completed a practice run on what is coming, Martial law.
They aren't fucking around, either.

I don't need tin foil, I can see what the hell is going on right in front of my face.

Now then, all yer money belongs to them after this Bail out BullShit.

Any questions as to exactly where you stand as of right now?


  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    All our base belong to them?

    Hear and read ya loud and clear Busted.

    This bailout is gonna create more unemployment, and more homelessness.

    Who's gonna keep the unruly masses in line?

    As you said, as you said . . . and yes, it's not rocket science.

    Hunker down, and hope Obama is elected, and he does better n what we all fear . . . it's ugly.

  2. busted

    this bailout and the forthcoming economic mess is just the start --- we are falling so fast no one can see it....

  3. It's all in place to do just this. One way or the other they are not giving up power particuarly if the McFailin duo cannot be installed into office.