Friday, October 24, 2008

Gordon Smith (R) (OR) Has Trouble

I live in Washington state but I am right on the border of Oregon and the only television stations I get come out of Portland.
I use my little television for an alarm clock, it has a built in feature,every morning, I wake up to the local news so I can catch the weather and the traffic report.
Every morning I am bombarded with Oregons political campaign ads.
Jeff Merkely has been taking it to Gordon Smith lately and has actually squeezed ahead slightly.

Gordon Smith is a rich Republican who paid a Million dollars for a set of fucking golf clubs.
That should tell you all you need to know about that guy.
He has repeatedly voted with Bush and now he is desperately trying to pass himself off as a reasonable guy who constantly reaches across party lines by using the likes of Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama in his ads.

I think maybe the man is going to have a hard time selling that shit now.

Found at Chris Cilliza's column in the Washington Post.

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