Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sure Is Quiet Around Here.

Yeah, I know.

Been pretty busy and like a fucking dumbass, I left the charger for my little laptop at  Nasty Girls, so I have had to seriously restrict my time online.

This really sucks because I am currently enjoying free WIFI.

Shit happens.

Hopefully I will be able to do some catching up this weekend.

Let me tell you how much I have been jonesing because I am an info junkie, I had to spend a buck twenty five two days in a row to buy the local dead tree version of the news.

Major suck!

The only saving grace of that is the fucking comics.

Dead tree news is by definition, day old news.

I don't buy day old bread and I hate having to pay good money for day old news.

I know, I'm not normal and  I don't ever want to be called that.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Have summa this,


  1. Damn Bro I feel ya! Must have input!!Crazy stuff going on.. Um I don't think ya have to worry about the normal thing.. Hah Take care man!


  2. Yo Busted - there's a daily here and as much as I hate it and rightfully so it is free. The Sunday cost's plenty. They don't a penny. Glad you're enjoying yourself.

  3. Margot1:03 PM

    Who wants yesterday's papers? Nobody in the world