Friday, July 08, 2011

The Future Is Here

No, I'm not talking about this,

Flying cars, meh, that is so yesterday.
No, I am talking about this,

How fucking cool is that?!
If you can imagine it and can get it on a computer, that thing can make it.
The possibilities are endless.
Have a rare antique part that no one makes anymore?
Clean it up, have it scanned and presto changeO, there ya go, a plastic replica that can be used to make a mold for a new casting.

That thing is off the charts cool.

H/T my friend Suzanne and my Cousin Tom who both sent me a link to the video within two minutes of each other.


  1. I bet tool and dye engineers are worried about this contraption... a person could take a patented part or specialized tool, scan it, mold it, then produce an exact replica of the part or tool.
    Wonder if it would work on a human hand or foot if someone needed one scanned for a prosthetic?
    Personally, I'd like to scan Jenna Jameson, then have a latex mold made from her scan... For scientific purposes, only, of course. Purely science.

  2. That's incredible Busted, good on Suz n Cuz Tom for gettin it to ya.

    Wow, just wow.


  3. This is stupid cool...amazing!
    I had a bud see this and ask "do ya think they could make a gun"...
    Thanks for your info and keep on!!

  4. Can the Star Trek Replicator be far behind?

  5. I've seen these things on various how-it's-made type shows...and I sooooo want one! I have no idea what the heck I'd do with it...but I want one!! It makes my inner nerd all tingly...

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  6. Anonymous7:59 AM

    And made in America!!
    We are not dead yet damn it.
    Thanks for posting this Busted. I sent off the link to my son who is in his final year for a Professor in robotic sciences. I am sure he will be impressed.

  7. Oh, I so want to print my ass on that thing. Or would that be a waste of really cool technology.