Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is It Just Me, Or Does HuffPo Suck Even More Now?

Being an info /news junkie, I try to surf around to see what is the most current news.
The Washington Post shot themselves in the foot a few years ago and I will still occasionally stop by but HuffPo seems to have jumped off a fucking cliff lately.

Hippo's mating?

7 myths about making coffee?

The Most Nutitious Ice Creams?


There are some some decent stories and news but I keep waiting to see Bat Boy on the front page.

I am going to do something here that I really haven't done before but I am going to ask you for your own opinion instead of me giving you mine.

Where do think is your best news source?

Where do you go to get your information that shapes your opinions on world events, politics, economic news or just plain old day to day news? One thing that really pisses me off about what we get to see and hear about what is happening is what they don't report on and let me tell you now, that that is a lot.

I go to FARK every day just because their headlines are funny and there are always off beat weird news items. Not because of serious journalism, it is a nice break from the doom and gloom.

The usual suspects after that are the LAT and the NYT and more than a few sites right there on my Blogroll.
I am only one guy with so much face time available to me for surfing the web.
TPM is a left leaning political site I try to visit once in a while but Live Leak and Black Listed News are good for things you won't see from the MSM. Shit, even Al Jazeera has more about world events than anything we get to see here. Let's not forget the BBC either.
I will be completely up front here and tell you outright that the only time I watch Fox News is when I can't avoid it.
They have been documented to be outright fucking lying so many times that they have been completely discredited as a news organization with an ounce of objectivity.

So, there it is, just a partial list, I want to know where YOU go to get legitimate news that helps you form your opinions on just what the fuck is really going on in this fucked up world.


  1. I watch none of the networks except fox business not regular fox news.Every network Lib or Con are slanted their way.Anyone says otherwise is full of shit.No longer news.Just propaganda for their slant.Ps even Fox business I am merely watching markets etc. I do like the Judge however!


  2. I like John Stewart on Comedy Central.
    Then too, Pbs in the way of Leher
    also Alex Jones is informative.
    Primarily Blogs are the best source tho.

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM
    The Rude Pundit
    Ironic Times - [often the subjects when Googled lead to stuff I missed elsewhere]
    Paul Krugman's blog
    Matt Taibbi
    The Rachel Maddow Show online

  4. I agree with spud. Of course, it all depends on how much time you have to find the real news. The corporate media - abc, nbc, cbs are useless, PBS is just average - worrying about funding, cnn is marginal, msnbc - marginal as well, Fox News is the enemy of real news and the propaganda arm of conservatives. So, what do we do? I agree that BBC is good, Al Jazeera seems to have a reality based reporting corp but I have not watched them enough to have a good sample size. Blogs seem to have the edge on real news today. TPM, Truthdig, RawStory, PoliticusUSA, Matt Tiabbi's blog, Crooks and Liars, Keith on Current TV, Think Progress, Media Matters, are some of the sites I visit for real news. I know, Ariana seems to have gone tabloid but there are still a few gems in there like Robert Reich. It's hard to get real news today. It takes work and cross referencing to verify.

    Hope you are well, busted. Thanks for your kind words. -g

  5. I don't have a tv, radio I don't have to wind up, and don't subscribe to magazines. I go to spaceweather dot com for celestial events, listen to what people are saying in grocery lines or eavesdrop on their conversations in restaurants when I go to town every couple of weeks for some of the news I hear.

    But I have a couple of friends who keep track of what the Hubble's most recent shocker is, occasionally something strange the politicos or Chinese are doing.

    That's reliable enough and current enouogh for my tastes.

  6. I just plain stopped reading the Huff Post. Quality has gone way downhill. Of course, I stopped reading The New York Times for the same damn reason.

  7. Hester Prynne3:40 PM

    I read the NYT like you, for radio, there is always NPR, always informative. I pretty much no longer trust american media sources, most of it is infotainment and a waste of time. BBC news is excellent and did a story recently on the homeless in New Mexico and surprise!They were all middle class hard working people, who lost their jobs or were foreclosed on. Sometimes I find it interesting to read British newspapers like the Guardian. I still read The Wall Street Journal. I try to steer clear of any of Murdochs whore's Mother Jones still rocks and so does Rolling Stone. Love your website, wish you were president.

  8. I go along with ano on this and the bloggers I link to as well. There's a lot of respect for the little guys cuz they haven't whored themselves out.

  9. I like Brian Williams of NBC...I just watched Dateline. He did a special on a day behind the scenes on Capitol Hill ...

    fascinating.... shudder

  10. Asia Times and most of the ones you mention + Common Dreams is a great aggregator, hmmm. so many. lol. They're on my blogroll. I play at HuffPo, but the trolls seem to get more comments through the moderators these days, and the bat boy mention cracked me up! Love ya dear.

  11. just took a look at and it appears ok

  12. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I like Alternate Brain

  13. The Guardian (UK) has better US news coverage than any US source I've seen, including NYT and LAT.
    Given its name and affiliation, the Christian Science Monitor is surprisingly good- but don't bother with any articles with word "spiritual" in title, or allusions to religion. Their other issue is that they publish numerous pieces on the same issue from different perspectives, so SOME of those perspectives are pretty fucked-up, though no worse than faux news.

    As far as straight-up news, those are my favorite two sources- NYT would be third. For commentary, Krugman and others' blogs are much more satisfying than any corporate bullshit.

  14. Mr. Lockwood.
    Where the hell have you been?
    Taking the Summer off are we?

    Anon, My friends at Alternate Brain are the shit.

    UPI looks interesting for sure.

    Damn, I forgot about Crooks and Liars too.

    I thank you all for stopping by, an informed electorate is the best electorate.

  15. Along with Brain Williams ;) ... I didn't somehow want to leave the impression that that was it... especially after reading follow up comments from this post in my inbox...

    I received an email from a pal in the UK this morning ...


    This arrived in my mail this morning. (I haven't run it by Snopes, but it scares the hell out of me, and I', not even American!)

    Interesting how others 'view' us...

    I also get news from The Telegraph and BBC news...

    The Daily Beast is an app on my iPhone -- Huffington was but...

    I was searching for something or other the first part of this week... couldn't find a satisfactory answer - can NOT remember what it was CRS! - but The Christian Science Monitor! came through ...

    I never use/believe one source ... just felt I wanted to add this.. didn't want to seem too la de da ish... haaaa

    love your blog, Busted....

  16. For TV world news I watch ARIRANG, an english language world channel originating in Korea.
    Then I go to KBS-a Korean language channel for Asian news and their take on american news.
    Next I watch a couple of different Chinese channels, one in French. Their POV on reporting on the US has proved to be quite interesting.
    2 other Chinese channels and a Japanese channel round out my TV watching.
    I speak Korean, French, Japanese and 2 dialects of Chinese, along with English.
    But I can only read in English and Korean
    I communicate with people in England, Korea, Japan and India, they all tell me what is going on in their countries.
    As far as US TV, I watch a local channel to keep up on local news and weather(KENS5 in San Antonio, has great weather people, they explain why we are getting the weather we are, very different from most local TV "weather readers" who just regurgitate what they receice from the NWS)
    I read my local paper daily, plus The Economist every week.
    Dropped my 40 year sub to Time, Newsweek and US News this year, used to be one could get a general idea of what the different political views were from reading all of them, but then they all turned(except for Time), to the right-and Time decided that it wanted to be People lite.
    We in the US are rapidly becoming the most ignorant people in the world. Along with being the most uneducated.
    9 out of 10 people that I talk to have little or no idea what is going on in town, much less what is going on in US. But, damn, they sure are up in sports. Esp football.
    Don't get me started on the state(or total lack of)education in the US. With a nationwide yearly avg of 30% dropping out, just where/how are all of these people going to be employed?
    As far as BK saying that we are in a depression, that I do not know. If you have the right kind of education or training, jobs are easy to find. My youngest graduated college last year with a degree in Biology. Within 4 months she got a job, paying 50-70K.(depending on tests and certs from state)
    Her husband, an EMT, got a job paying $22 an hour in the same city.(starting sal. goes up after # years on the job)
    If you have a commercial drivers lic(Semi)truck driver jobs are quite easy to find and for the most part, pay quite well.
    But for HS and GED grads, no jobs.
    For those who got the "soft" degrees in college, there are also few if any jobs.
    But for degrees or training certs associated with the medical field, or hard science or engineering degrees, The unemployment rate hovers around 2.4%.
    The factory jobs of the past that required little education are gone forever.
    So what exactly are we as a country going to do with the legions of drop outs?With the people who just have a HS or GED?
    Those are the vast majority of the unemployed.

  17. current TV

    I'm anxiously awaiting Cenk