Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being Busy Does Not Excuse Me From Giving A Shout Out

If for some fucking reason you have not been clicking that little mouse ya have on Jill's place, Y'all ain't quite paying attention.

Get ya a beer, a cheap cut of meat off the grill and go read what she has to say.

There is a reason the lady has over one million page views and I am so indebted to her for linking to my little rant hole so many times I can't count, it's a a serious piece from someone who is right in the middle of the slaughter of the Middle Class and actually see's what the fuck is happening, that I want every fucking person with a Blog to go read it and anyone who doesn't have a fucking Blog to tell every one they know by mouth about it.
Have a close up of the dying of Middle America and go ahead and vote for some stupid fucking Teabagger.

This is one tiny little snip of a very well put piece, very well put,

I've spent all of my adult years in the Age of Corporatism. I graduated high school into the first Arab oil embargo and graduated college with a degree in sociology into the second one. I started out in a retail management training program that was the catch-all for liberal arts majors at the time. But at least I was graduating into a society that hadn't yet been completely taken over by greed. That happened later, after Ronald Reagan took office, and while I myself have done well, our society hasn't. Oh sure, we have gewgaws and toys and electronics and two flat-screen TVs and 200 channels of nothing you'd want to watch on TV. People have pulled their kids out of school for Caribbean vacations paid for on home equity loans and people in Section 8 housing have smart phones. All of this is cited as examples by Republicans of how well off we are. But are we? And what about tomorrow?

Tomorrow is going to be the same as it was yesterday and I think she nails it pretty well.
Like I said, put this lady on your Go To list.


  1. Talked me into it you silver tongued gypsy. She is right and very good. The Republicans and most Dems have no clue what we are going through.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!

    (Heh. Word verifiction is "extaille" -- pretty funny, given that "taille" means " a tax that was levied by a king or seigneur on his subjects or on lands held under him and that became solely a royal tax in the 15th century from which the lords and later the clergy were exempt."

    Sort of like now, eh?

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