Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Great Post By Someone Else

I have been trying to find something to jump start my creative juices and have been left cold and dry so I decided to put some links up to some other authors.

Some you would not necessarily think I would link to maybe but worthy of a read in my opinion.
You can't always be right about anything and sometimes taking a look at alternative viewpoints will give you a new perspective.

In this case, I think Sgt. Jarhead did a masterful job.

It really isn't political in an us VS. them way in regards to any one political party, it is more US, VS. THEM, as in all of us, getting dumbed down by the PTB for centuries and how it affects us all in these trying times.

An excellent essay in my opinion.

Please take a few moments to go read this, it is well worth your time.

Well said sir.


  1. You're right, that was an interesting post...I thought there was much to the core was Plato's premise, that once out of the cave we adjust to new concepts. I maintain that many simply do not ever adjust, choosing to remain in a belief state that requires their denial of what they see, touch, taste and feel...OH Hell, I'm just gonna wait for your next post. Need a fix. Try and a swear a little this time, OK?

  2. Thanks for the plug!