Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Senator Inhofe Is A Dangerous Motherfucker.

I'm not just talking about his retarded right wing political views either.

It is well known that he is a backwards assed ignorant fucking cracker, his denial of Global Warming is legendary.
He probably thinks the sun revolves around a flat earth too. Ignorant fuck.

No, I am talking real life, danger to the public kind of shit here and the glaringly obvious truth that laws are for little people .

Inhofe "Scared The Crap Out Of" Airport Workers

FAA: Senator intentionally landed on closed runway

This happened last October.

Shortly after Inhofe landed, Sidney Boyd, who was supervising construction on the closed runway, called the FAA to report that Inhofe’s plane, a twin-engine six-seater, initially touched down on the runway and then “'sky hopped' over the six vehicles and personnel working on the runway, and then landed.”
During the call, which was recorded by the FAA, Boyd said Inhofe’s antics “scared the crap out of” workers, adding that the Cessna “damn near hit” a red truck. Referring to the vehicle’s driver, Boyd added, “I think he actually wet his britches, he was scared to death. I mean, hell, he started trying to head for the side of the runway. The pilot could see him, or he should have been able to, he was right on him.”
Boyd also said that Inhofe showed little contrition following the close call. “He come over here and started being like, 'What the hell is this? I was supposed to have unlimited airspace.'”

My emphasis.

Even better;

In a bid to avoid “legal enforcement action,” Inhofe, who has a commercial pilot’s license, agreed to “complete a program of remedial training,” according to an FAA letter sent in January to Inhofe, a third-term Republican senator from Oklahoma.

My bold.

Instead of having his license yanked and facing criminally negligent and reckless endangerment  charges, they pussed out and made him take some fucking remedial fucking rules of the road while flying lessons kind of lame assed shit.

I call Bullshit in a big motherfucking way.

Oh, it gets even better. Take a gander at this fucking horseshit, he has enough balls to go after the FAA for inconveniencing his highness.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) is pushing a bill that would protect pilots from "agency overreach" by the Federal Aviation Administration, in response to his own experience at the mercy of the FAA after he "scared the crap out of" airport workers last year when he landed his Cessna on a closed runway.
"I was never fully appreciative of the feeling of desperation until it happened to me," he said.

Yeah, after ya fucking near killed an entire construction crew and hop scotched over SIX fucking vehicles while trying to land at an obviously closed runway.

Cry me a fucking river you pretentious fucking asshole.

Jesus Christ, his sense of entitlement is off the charts.

Saving the best for last, feast your eyes on the most blatant case of out right ass kissing in recent memory,

AOPA president, Craig Fuller said his group, "applauds Senator Inhofe" for introducing the legislation and "giving the aviation community much greater certainty about the process of enforcing the regulations by which we fly." Fuller added, "we look forward to working with Senator Inhofe" in support of the bill. EAA president Rod Hightower said, "This bill addresses several inequalities that hamper the ability of aviators to even obtain the necessary information to defend themselves." EAA added its gratitude to the 24 Senators who stood in support of the bill. Said Hightower, EAA "is strongly supportive" of the bill "and urges its members to rally behind the measure." 

I seriously want to puke in my shoes after reading that.

I also want to see Inhofe involuntarily retired at the first opportunity.

The self righteous motherfucker almost killed a whole construction crew because he believes he can do whatever the fuck he wants, when he wants.

That he got off with literally a slap on the wrist should be enough to infuriate the good folks at the FAA but oh fuck no, someone got their arm twisted real good and off he goes.

Remember, laws are for little people, just in case you had forgotten.


  1. Glad you posted this... every time this mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger opens his mouth my blood pressure goes up. When I think of the typical politician carrying water for corporate whores, he springs to mind. Global warming, abortion rights, gun control, and anything else that gets on his radar ends up being handled poorly.
    It would have been sweet if one of those terrified runway folks had tracked this asshole down in the terminal and beat him to within an inch of his miserable life for that stunt.
    And he wins reelection in landslides, term after fucking term... Go figure.

  2. Eventually his arrogance combined with his lack of flying skill will kill him, and I encourage him to fly as much as he can. And yes, I am willing to accept whatever collateral damage it takes to get rid of that oil co. & throwback senator.

  3. I was glad to read you were all over said it better than I could have. This arrogant SOB needs to hear just how we feel about him! In case anyone wants to send their special thoughts to Senator "Look Out!" Jim here's a link to the contact page from his offical website.

    You have to use an Oklahoma zipcode in order to send an email, I plugged in the one from his office in Enid...73701- it worked.

    He could have done the right thing, and accepted responsibility instead of sniveling & blaming...but then, that wouldn't be the Republican way.

    Thanks for being on it!