Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Responsiblities Of Those Living In A Police State

We all do, we all hate it and we all want it to go away.
It isn't.

Recognize that and learn how to deal with it.

These are some links to Claire Wolfe over at Backwoods Home Magazine and her thoughts on the matter.

Take the time to go read all four installments and leave your comments there, she deserves it and all I will do is go on another useless rant.

1st installment.

2nd Installment.

3rd Installment.

4th Installment. 
(H/T Earthbound Misfit.)

Frog, pot, heat.

(Title lifted from her posts)

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  1. At town meeting we got rid of a power hungry cop. Not directly. We all voted to eliminate his gas budget. He could do all the policing he wanted -on foot. Pretty impossible on a rural town with a tiny core and most people scattered in the hinterlands. He resigned soon after.

    The guy pissed off too many of the locals with his by the book one mile over the speed limit enforcement and arrogant attitude.