Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can All You Birthers Just Shut The Fuck Up Now?

Jesus Fucking Christ, the absolute willful ignorance of these people is stunning. Obama released the long form of his birth certificate just for you.
Here, now STFU and go pound sand in your asses.
I'm sure the first thing out of your mouths will be is why did it take so long.
Fuck you.
Like anyone could even file to get on the ballot without this being double  checked from the get go.

Now go away and go back to bitching about brown people and talking shit about secession.
Ignorant fucks.

Lets cut the bullshit here. this has always been dog whistle that you are pissed that a black man got elected.
I guess maybe now the only option is to come out and say it out loud.


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    We're pissed that a black man got elected????

    No. We're pissed because this nation elected a fraud!! It has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin. It has everything to do with the coverup of his records.

    Let's elect a real black man who has America's interest at heart. Two choices: Herman Cain & Alan West. These guys get it!! Obama wouldn't make a good pimple on the ass of either one of these gentlemen!!

    Please tell me ONE THING that has gotten better since this fraud was elected??? Don't throw out that tired bullshit of Bush Did It and Obama is cleaning up the mess.

    Obama is an open Marxist/communist. Everything he touches pushes this nation further into the trash can!! All of the czars have Marxism written all over them. All of the known people from his past are admitted Marxists and communists.

    Sorry, I'll take any black man who is a Patriot over this fraud any day!!

    Newark, Ohio

  2. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Can we get an "AMEN!!!"
    Really,this issue has been beaten like a bad cat,no offense to cats. To be honest,I think it was more of a "what do we need to say to get a senile bad pilot POW elected",than a racial issue.To be honest,until recently,I never had a birth certificate,just the live birth cert,until I went to mexico,had to get it from the state,and a passport....and I'm a white guy born in Nebraska! The only thing I know in spanish is Donde el bano,where's the bathroom!
    I'm just waiting for the next conspiracy.You know Rush or sean or weiner will make one up.

  3. To Doug of Newark

    You're a fucking idiot.

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    To Gordon,

    What an awesome, well thought out response. Is that the best ya' got???

    Newark, Ohio

  5. Shorter Doug the Troll: "It doesn't matter where Obama was born, because Obama's a NIGGER and thus will ALWAYS be ineligible!"

    Alrighty, then!

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  6. hellferbreakfast11:25 AM

    My only question is how did the alias "barrack hussein obama" get on the certificate? Thought he didn't assume this AKA until later.

  7. The question remains: Where's Trump's birth certificate? Tit-for-tat, you rich white asshole!

  8. Indeed. Where's the proof that Trump is not a lizard person from Arcturus and thus ineligible for the Presidency? After all, he has all the common attributes of lizard people -- green skin, an alien mink sewed to his scalp as "hair", cold blooded, slimey, complete lack of human feelings -- we demand proof that he's a natural born citizen as defined by the Constitution and World Nut Daily!

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  9. Anonymous12:23 PM

    It took so long because he just now had it made. Why didn't he produce it instead of the short form he produced? Because it didn't exist then. I will never believe he was born here. He's a fucking fraud.

  10. Exactly! No amount of documentation will EVER prove that Obama is not black!

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  11. Badtux, there is no point arguing with those guys. As you know, "usurper" and "fraud" are code words for "nigger".

    The birthers might as well go about in their white sheets and partake of their monthly cross-burnings. For they aren't fooling anyone.

  12. Oh I know that, EBM. I just enjoy making fun of the dears.

    - Badtux the Mischievous Penguin

  13. Ya can't argue with the ones that claim a higher education is something bad. Hard to believe that they are proud to be racist, ignorant fools and can only blame someone else for their own failings.
    Obviously they don't believe in history, or they would know whom to blame.
    Anybody but themselves...

  14. Anonymous6:06 PM

    The hospital listed on his so called birth certificate doesn't exist. At the time of his birth it was named Kapiolani Maternity Home. In 1978 merged with Kauikeolani Children's Hospital and became Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children. This information is on Wikipedia and their website. I could give a crap that he is black. I have nothing against black people. I have black friends. I do however, have something against decietful, dishonest, lying trolls.

  15. Yes everybody knows that those Negros are all shifty liars who should all be sent back to Africa and aren't *really* American no matter how many documents are produced 'cause no amount of documentation will ever make them, like, white.

    Thanks for playing the game "Make birthers look like frothing raving racist lunatics", we appreciate the entertainment!

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  16. Anonymous6:26 PM

    @BudTux the darky penguin

    I agree, they are shifty liars and I support sending them back to Africa.

    I like it when liberal TWATS use the "N" word.

    HA HA ! word verification: NIGGER

    -Lee Nover

  17. Doug, Newark

    It's all the time I'm going waste on you.

  18. Alright Nuckles let's see your papers too! For all we know you could be one of them illeagles. (snark)

    Seriously is this the best the republicans have for diverting attention away from their plan to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?

  19. Of course! It's all about doubling down on the crazy. And my bet is that Obama predicted that the birthers would simply double down on the crazy 100%, and deliberately planned this to make the Republicans look even loonier and dumber to the low-information voters who aren't aware of the GOP plan to end Medicare but follow the gossip shows where the birther stuff has been discussed. And hey, that's what's happening... I guess the birthers' pointy hats are cuttin' off the flow of blood to their tiny little brains or somethin', cause they fell right into Obama's trap, bwahahahaha!

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  20. Maybe we should just start playing by the Trump'ed up birther idiot rules...make shit up. But, dude, if I read it on the internets its got to be real!
    OK, here's mine. Donald Trump has no dick. Well, that's what I heard...and and and...he's the one who faked the moon landing...and and...he had something to do with 9/11 and he's really from another planet and that's why he has that really bad comb-over, to cover up an alien birthmark, or wait! NO! It's to cover up the 666 on his forehead! Yessssss!!! Whatever...just make the asshat idiots who are dumb enough to listen to him STFU and stop wasting our time. Oh, and the academic creditials??? Could it be...jealousy? Maybe the birther dimwits just can't handle the fact that the man WE elected is smarter than they are. Fire Donald. No media outlet should even show his picture without calliope music playing in the background. He's a f-ing joke, one that isn't funny any longer. NEXT!

  21. Anonymous9:29 PM

    wow is all I can say. Wikiapidia really nasty come on. Next you'll say the one I got from idaho isn't real due to the fact that state full of dumb rasists asses. Fine, you don't like what the job the president is doing I can deal with that. I personally think GW's a criminal with the blood of thousands on his hands. But open your eyes if you don't think this is about the presidents race and I can't wait for the third and fourth round in about 40 yrs when the white color in this country is a minority then and only then will there be true perspective. Until then I guess we will just have to listen to the carninval crowd.


  22. Yeah, Obama is such a Marxist that he has appointed all those Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, TransUnion, Monsanto and Bank of America executives to his cabinet. John McCain refused to show his birth certificate during both of his presidential campaigns. You know why? Because he was born in Panama and is probably ineligible to be president. Look it up on Snopes. But for some reason, this didn't produce hordes of hateful rednecks demanding to see his birth certificate. Could it be because he's a honkey and his middle name isn't Hussein?

    Living in Minnesota, I witnessed this very same thing regarding Brett Favre. When Favre played for the Packers, he was a cheater and a liar and a pill-popping, inbred redneck and on and on and on. Then, when he came to play for the Vikings, suddenly he was A-OK, a great player and a model citizen. This is the same attitude many people, especially Repukelicunts, bring to politics. There's no principle involved, just blind partisan loyalty.

    Here's the news: President Obama is a Wall Street tool. He has continued and even expanded most of the Cheney regime's worst policies, including torture and warrantless wiretapping. He has made secret backroom deals with the pharmaceutical industry and Monsanto. His health care plan is a bailout for WellPoint and other insurance carriers. His Wall Street "reform" absolves some of the worst crimes in history. He has extended Blackwater's contract and expanded their role in the phoney boloney war on terror. He has commenced at least two undeclared wars, and civilian casualties in Afghanistan have tripled under his watch. Wanna criticize the president? Talk about those things. But you can't, because to criticize those actions would be to criticize the Republican agenda, so you need to make up "facts" about his birth certificate in order to satisfy your partisan rage.

    No, not all birthers are racist, but all birthers are stone cold lying ass morons.

  23. "John McCain refused to show his birth certificate during both of his presidential campaigns. You know why? Because he was born in Panama and is probably ineligible to be president. Look it up on Snopes. But for some reason, this didn't produce hordes of hateful rednecks demanding to see his birth certificate."

    I'd be willing to bet that if McCain had won the election, most lefties would be clamoring for him to show his Birth Certificate.
    But i'm just guessing.

  24. They would clamor to see his birth certificate, listen to the explanation of why he is eligible to be president, shrug their shoulders, and move on to more important stuff.

  25. Although I'm a fan of both secession and the harassment of politicians, I agree with you entirely, especially about the motivations of those who have made this an issue for far too long.

    Thanks for adding this old Calhounian-Spoonerian-Proudhonite-Kropotkinite anarcho-syndicalist cum secessionist to your blogroll, by the way.

  26. Soon as I get a minute, I'm returning the blogroll-ery. Nice work.

  27. 'Obama is an open Marxist/communist.'

    As opposed to a closed one, say? Does he have regular communism hours, or is it just a part time gig?

    Also, does it interfere with his duties at the gay wedding chapel/ abortion clinic and 24-hour marijuana dispensary (welfare checks cashed - no I.D. necessary)...?


  28. Busted, you know I adore you, but where the fuck do you FIND these people????

  29. You birthers are sick twisted racist fucks who really need to go back to brokeback mountain, jerk each other off about how it's everyone else fault that you're fucking failures and burn a few crosses. You've been made for the frauds you are.

    You want more press and attentin? Do everyone a favor, commit mass suicide in protest.

  30. Just as planned. All commenting on here are falling for the "distraction" including myself.

    Its all been orchestrated folks, and i know you know that. While we waste our time commenting on the blogs, our country is bit by bit, (speeded up since 9/11) escalating towards the NWO. This man was put there for the benefit of the PTB, and no amount of "fake" or real birth certificates is gonna change anything.

    Also for you racists, Prominority, affirmative action, illegal alien watchers, and whatever else they can come up with - These are words to control and distract you, divide the country, so we cannot unite to save it.

    People really need to wake up, and as i said, myself included and get going to unite together in the name of America, become self sufficient.

    ALL groups have been manipulated, whites, blacks, hispanic etc. in their own way, and we are all slaves now.

    If you can keep the slaves pitted against each other, you can keep the game going, and as Charlie Sheen says "WINNING"

    They are winning, and the american people, all that are in this country right now, including illegals, ghettos, white middle class (whatever that is now) are the SLAVES.

    Its not OBAMA, the black man, its the NWO.

  31. And to add to the above, read this article which says it all much better than i- I Know the comment is a whiny one, but oh so true.

    Read th comment also, this is how it really is in my opinion.

  32. That's actually a really good point, chickengirl. It's political theater. Think of it like professional wrestling. The birthers/teabaggers are the bad guy and Obama is the good guy. Yes. Keen observation indeed. Good on you.

  33. However, after reading Kaiser Leib's post, I have to express concern. His premise that all government is slavery is childish and stupid. Problems with government arise when those in power neglect their constituents, or when they favor some constituents over others. As Voltaire put it, "There has never been a perfect government, because men have passions; and if they did not have passions, there would be no need for government."

    What is needed is constant vigilance on the part of the governed, which is unrealistic. Without government, however, mere survival would consume all of our time, and our standard of living would diminish exponentially.

  34. You picked a good one this time Busted. Let's get ready to rumble!!

    Seriously, Obama has been enough of a disaster as it is. Why waste time on things like the birther crap? Because the birthers are incapable of having rational discussions based on facts. Both sides are well stocked with folks incapable of discussing actual facts and policy.

    Actually, both parties are totally corrupt and anyone who supports either party is actively participating in their own self destruction.

  35. Well then, Brokeboater, you're in luck, because the vast majority of Americans *don't* support either party. Or *any* party, for that matter. They just go to the polls and vote for whoever had the best hairdo or brightest smile. They haven't the foggiest idea what a policy is, you ask them six months later they have no idea who the Representative or Senator is that they voted for, they're fat, happy, stupid, and they like it that way.

    As I keep pointing out to people, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE SOB'S GOT VOTED INTO OFFICE! Every. Single. One. of them. Government in the USA isn't some foreign dictatorship imposed upon us, WE put the bastards there, because we're the dumbest, stupidest, most sheep-like don't-give-a-shit morons on the fucking planet is all I can figure. If even half the people who manage to stagger, wheel, or hoverround into the polling place looked at the actual policies and backgrounds of the candidates for office and voted for the BEST candidate and not for the prettiest candidate or friendliest-looking candidate or whatever, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

    Instead, what we got is teabaggers shouting "Keep your government hands off my Medicare!" and birthers shouting "Where's the birth certificate" (even after said certificate has been produced!). GAH! The STUPID! It BURNS! IT BURNS!

    Democracy is the notion that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it, good and hard. Which is why this country is SO fucking doomed... and it ain't 'cause of "government". It's because we're a bunch of stupid fucks and what we want, apparently, is to be ruled by the prettiest face attached to the most evil sociopath. And we're getting it, good and hard, yessirreee...

    - Badtux the Cynical Penguin.

  36. Graeme10:01 AM

    Obama is an arsehole. He has no clue how to run a 711 never mind a country. He is what normal people would call an amateur. I don't care about his color, nor his religion...I think he is not capable of the job

  37. Obama's a lawyer. Whadya expect, Graeme?

    Reminds me of all those liberals back in the Democratic primary who were voting for Obama, and I said, "Why do you want to vote for a conservative for President? We got big problems, we need an FDR, not a black Eisenhower." Their eyes got big, and they're, like, "But... but... he's BLACK!" As if Bill Cosby (a conservative black man) had never existed in their universe. I kept tellin'em to look at the policies on Obama's web site, which coulda been the Heritage Foundation web site from the early 90's back when the Heritage Foundation was conservative rather than batshit crazy like today, but it's all about a pretty face nowdays and Obama was the pretty face in the Democratic primary, a blank slate for them to write their own dreams and desires upon despite, like, the fact that Obama's *VERY OWN STATED POLICIES* explicitly contradicted those dreams and desires (and look, the dude was raised by a BANKER, his white grandpa, is anybody surprised that he's appointed Wall Street bankers to every major economic position in his administration?!)...

    Yeah, WASF.

    - Badtux the Waddling Penguin

  38. Whatever Obama is, he's the lesser of two evils. Can you imagine what The Ghost And Mrs. Moron would have done by now? McCain would be dead or have been 'put away' by now and we'd have President Moosebreath. Count your blessings.

  39. That's the reason I voted for Obama rather than John McInsane in the final election, Gordo. If the choice is between an Eisenhower Republican and a batshit crazy lunatic, which is what John McInsane proved he was when he put that silly filly from Wasilly onto his ticket, I'll choose the Eisenhower Republican every time. The real problem is at the primary level, where people just don't give a shit enough to put people on the ticket who are the best person with the best policies, and instead vote for a pretty face that they write their own dreams and hopes onto. Otherwise we'd be complaining about President Kucinich rather than President Obama... but ole' Dennis looks like a friggin' hobbit, so. 'Nuff said on that one, WASF.

    - Badtux the Waddlin' Penguin

  40. Anonymous2:15 PM


  41. Anonymous4:06 PM

    So he WAS born in America?

    WOW!! Now I like him.

    I think his wife is cute.She reminds me of Dr. Zira,you know the chimp from the planet of the apes.

  42. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Hey Anon 4:06

    You noticed that too? I thought I was the only one. She does look like a monkey.The kids look like monkeys too.

    The first monkey family.

    All born in the good old U S of A.

  43. Anonymous4:12 PM

    It took Obongo a long time to show his birth certificate.The staff at the zoo is darn slow.

  44. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Very confusing. Obama is married to a chimp? Does that matter? She's American and that's what counts.Everybody should be able to love who they want. I don't care if Obamma is a chimposexual.

  45. Anonymous4:47 PM

    You guys are sick.Having sex with monkeys is just wrong.I don't care if she is american.

    I like animals as much as the next guy.I don't sleep with monkeys.

  46. Anonymous4:49 PM

    If Mrs.Obamma showed me her birth certificate and proved that she was an American Chimp,then YES,I would have sex with her.

    Sorry,I don't like illegals.

    American Monkeys First!!!

  47. Really?

    Seriously, this is what you guy's think out loud?

    Holy fucking Christ.

  48. Yeppers, 'Nucks. I always wondered what them KKK types talked about when they was capering 'round the woods in their bedsheets and pointy hats. Guess now we know.

    - Badtux the Popcorn-munchin' Penguin

  49. Margot2:39 AM

    Man, and I though Doug from Nerk was bad.
    (Nerk is a few miles from me, and that's how it's pronounced here.)