Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I got a new toy, cost me a fucking bundle too.
Apparently it will find any WIFI all by it;s self.

I didn't want to spend the money but I needed a new lap top for over a year. Some damn thing they call a Notebook.

It's like a new car, ya gotta run the fucker out and see what it can do.

So far, It is working for me.

Wait untill I put the pedal to the metal and fuck it up inside of a week. I already fucked up the wireless Mouse trying to figure out how to put new batteries in it, the ones it came with lasted one point two fucking seconds.

My brother showed me how to open it up and I couldn't see the trick so I got the pocket knife out and pried up the wrong thing,whoops.


  1. woohoo! soon you will be zooming down the internet highway dood instead of being stuck in the slow lane


  2. My laptop finds WiFi all by itself too. Trouble is, there ain't one around here that ain't private.

  3. Put that knife away, Busted!

    I don't want you hurting yourself.

    You're too valuable.

    And as for a WiFi connection, let me tell you about Clear (not that I can afford it, but a compadre of mine showed me his and it was soooo cool I thought I'd mention it as a possibility for ending your troubles).

    They've got an unlimited deal going on now for only $45/month and a home deal for $35/month.

    So, if you can scare up the cash, problem solved! (And it works anywhere - so they say.)

    Love ya,

    Clear Internet