Saturday, April 09, 2011

Doot DA Doot DA Doot DA DOO

As I sit here drooling in my lap like a complete dolt,I figured I had better stop and say Howdy.
I am pretty much wiped the fuck out.
Woke up at 5 AM yesterday, drove forty miles. did a bunch of walking back and forth and riding an elevator up and down.
The scenery was nice,I have to admit.

Beautiful day.
Then I got a wild hair up my ass and packed up and drove from Eugene to Portland, stopped to see Granny and went from there to the Weasel Den to check on things and then got in the truck and drove another eighty fucking miles.
I am wiped the fuck out. I can barely type.

Here I are though.

Nice to see Nasty Girl though. I do love the woman , even though I think there is something wrong with her for loving me back.
I wasn't supposed to be here until later today.
Damn, she just set breakfast down in front of me, I gotta go now.
There is a serious fucking nap in my future.

Bye now.


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    still need to see nasty girl's legs and butt.....

  2. Nasty Girl1:40 PM

    I love you my darlin, because you are a sweet, romantic man who treats me with love and respect. Does that sound like there's something wrong with me? Bite me!
    Anonymous, check out my profile pic on facebook.

  3. *ahem* can i interrupt this love fest to point out i have grandbaby pics over at my place.....

    thank you -- i now return this thread to its regularly scheduled love bite

  4. Man, I got stories about Springfield/Eugene. Memories...

    Thought I wuz gonna hafta float my truck down the Mackenzie one time...din't.