Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Need A New Drool Cup

The old one is cracked after I dropped it when I saw this;

One mint condition Boss 429 Mustang with 4,400 original miles, it even has the original Bias Ply tires.

Can you imagine?
It's on Ebay and you can "Buy It Now" for a measly five hundred and fifty grand.
I knew a guy who had one of those when I was in high school, it was ten years old at the time and still one bad assed motherfucker.

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  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    even as awesome as it is,for a Ford,I'll be amazed it it brings 100k in todays market.

  2. Although I don't own one now, over the course of the past 45 years, I purchased four Mustangs--one for me (new) and the other three (used) for my children. Four of the best expenditures I ever made.

  3. I had a 66 that used to be a 6 cylinder car that some kid dropped a high powered 289 with an Edelbrock High rise manifold on and an Edelbrock 4 barrel on top of that. Three days later, I did a two block long, one wheel wonder burnout and saw the cop before he could even turn the lights on.
    After letting my half drunk ass go the two blocks back home, I opened the rear end to find welded together spider gear and a broken axle.
    The cop even knew who I got it from.
    I loved that car and ended up replacing every bit of suspension under it to upgrade it to the V-8 stuff.
    As a crazy driver, I have to say, that thing was one of the most forgiving cars I have ever driven when you got the thing sideways at a high rate of speed.
    Good thing I can't get my hands on this particular unit.

  4. BK,
    Ye speaketh Higher Mustangese, the sound of which caresseth my ear, but which leaveth my understanding stuck on high center.

  5. Spider gears are what makes the rear axles turn together going around a corner.
    Axle. I am sure you know that is and anyone over forty knows what a four barrel is.

  6. Spider gears. That's what I found in a plastic tub in my garage while I was lookin' for the @#$%@ lug nut lock key to take my #$%! wheels off. (I don't have spider gears in my front axle anymore, just a ratchet "Aussie Locker" that locks up under pressure from the pinion but allows one wheel to unlock to overrun the other in turns).

    See, I ain't got a Mustang nor any inclination to have one, but even a lowly Jeeper knows what spider gears are ;).

    - Badtux the Wrenchin' Penguin

  7. Word verification: "Catienc". Short for "cat intelligence", I think.

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  9. Cat patience.
    Now go feed TMF.

  10. My wifes first car was a 68 FB GT 390
    It has 780 double pumper, super T-10
    I say it has because we still have it, all still original. Except for porting and blueprinting the motor.
    Dangerous for me to drive, cuz I'd soon be in jail for excessive wheel spin lol. Piece of shit car but fun to drive.

  11. I always wanted a fast back, 65 or 66, Never cared for the body style of the 67/68 but a 390?
    That thing HAS to be scary! I didn't know you could stuff a 390 in one of those. Wait, I did meet a couple of crazy fuckers that did it to a 64 Falcon one time. Quite the sight on the quarter mile at the time.

  12. I had a 68 mustang, red. Man I got laid a lot with that car. Front buckets would fold just about flat. Went to the drive in all the time and never saw a movie. Great Car!