Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Next Big Political Civil War Is in...

Spins the wheel...

The Ivory Coast!!

If that was your guess, come on down and collect your prize of hand held rocket launchers and two semi trucks full of automatic weapons ammo!!

For those of you not quite up to speed, I know, it's hard to keep up with all these rebel motherfuckers all over the Middle East lately, this is actually on the West Coast of Africa.

These guys have been going at it for several years now but you haven't heard a peep about this from our media because the bastards don't have any oil.

Too bad for them, we could send billions in there and maybe even a carrier group like we did to Libya and not Bahrain.

Selective with our political and military resources, aren't we?

Funny, that.


  1. I've been following this story for months. Only now does it hit the MSN. This really heated up since the last election and the "looser" wouldn't step down. The "winner" is the UN favorite. The real losers? The Ivory coast people.

  2. Yeah, I'm laughing.

    And I know you are too.

    Love ya,


    P.S. They are bound to have something we want.

    Slaves for the upcoming sweatshops, perhaps?

  3. Actually, I saw the MSN headlines about the Ivory Coast and could not bear to read about another country we were going to "help," another place to turn our attention and money, only to be despised when it was all over.

  4. As a Canadian one of my biggest fears is that your dumbass government will find out we got all kinds of oil and they could just drive here to get it. Good thing none of them could find us on a world map. If they do though, just a word of advice, come after 5 pm when our military is at the bar and there should be no problem.

  5. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I recall an episode of Red Green yrs ago,they bought a missile at a yard sale.Harold wanted to call the Canadian air force,Red said it was after 5 on friday,nobody would answer!!
    Back on topic,the CIA world review claims that the ivory coast has a wealth of resources,gold,diamonds,minerals, and oil.Enough to care about,probably not. My opinion or view is that we will let them do the fighting and dirty work,then negotiate with the survivors.
    Dean in az
    I'm a leg and azz guy,put her pic up again!

  6. Dudes. DUUUUuuuuudes. Clearly not enough women on this blog, or you'd know that the Ivory Coast also produces 40% of the world's CHOCOLATE. Indeed, the situation there over the past six months has been of extreme distress to chocoholics worldwide...

    As for what's being done, there is a UN force already on the ground there, as well as a French force (this is a former French colony). The Ivory Air Force "accidentally" did an air strike against a French position. The French Air Force "accidentally" eliminated the Ivory Air Force. Notes of regret for the unfortunate "accidents" were exchanged afterwards. The next thing to happen was that Ivory artillery "accidentally" fired on a French position. You can guess what comes next -- yep, the French are in the process of "accidentally" eliminating every artillery piece that their air force can locate. Sarkozy is in trouble in the French elections, and is trying to get his very own Iraq to get re-elected, and the Ivory Coast was his first attempt (Libya is his second, despite the hype in the American media the U.S. pretty much bowed out as soon as they blew their training budget eliminating Libya's air defenses and the French air force is the one that has conducted all the air strikes against Libyan troops). The situation in the Ivory Coast has turned out not the way that Sarkozy hoped... he hoped that eliminating the Ivory Air Force and the heavy weapons would lead to the fall of the illegitimate government there, but really, those guys were fighting when all they had were wooden clubs and rocks, why should being reduced to RPG's and AK-47's slow them down any?

    - Badtux the Chocoholic Penguin