Sunday, April 03, 2011

Speaking Of No Fly Zones, V2.0

You want equality? Here ya fucking go.

Good on ya ladies, my hat is off to ya.
There be some dead fucking assholes after that, I would think.

3/31/2011 - BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (AFNS) -- A team of female Airmen made history here March 30 when the F-15E Strike Eagles of "Dudette 07" blazed down the runway to provide close air support for coalition and Afghan ground forces.

The two-ship formation consisted of all females, two pilots and two weapons system officers, but more importantly, it marked the first combat mission flown from Bagram to be planned, maintained and flown entirely by females.

This mission represents the first combat sortie on record to involve only female Airmen from the pilots and weapons officers to the mission planners and maintainers, said Lt. Col. Kenneth Tilley, the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing historian.

I'd make ya a sammich any fucking day and  polish yer boots too.

.Folks have no idea how serious these people are, I do. I have a niece who was in the Green Zone while the Iraqui's were lobbing bombs and rockets inside.

Bravery has no gender.


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    you go, girls !!
    mrs. jp

  2. Well hell women are supposed to be better pilots anyway.

  3. struth. Lots of changes since I wore the uniform. 1968-1980.
    I am also in agreement that women make better fighter pilots. For 1 thing, they are smaller then men, fit into cockpits easier(I was an ET in the AF. Worked mostly on F-4(I am 6'3" and back in the day weighed in at 260), F-4's were very tight.As were the nose wheel wells of BUFFS). and upper body strength is not needed so much anymore due to "Fly By Wire"
    Also women tend to tolerate "G" forces better than men do